The Truth Revealed: My Answer to the World

The Truth Revealed: My Answer to the World

Excerpt From the Book: Would you say that the whole universe is creative?

Yes, that is the point. This is a creating (or procreating) universe due to the reality of the two forces. If we were to begin from the premise that only a one singular force existed, we would end up with a primary creator creating a “created” universe at a certain point in time, which is the belief of most of our religions. With the two-force model, we have the two forces creating the universe moment-by-moment through their interaction together. (Page 21)

So you see this idea of man and woman balance becoming the next religion?

Not a religion per se. Through man and woman balance we can begin to recognize that we, together, are creators. There is a consciousness shift that needs to happen. Read More…


Book Description:

This writing comprises the author’s definitive statement on the truth and answer to his critics. Includes: How to Find Your Other Half. — 75 pages © 1997


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

From one force to a two forces?

Yes. It really all comes down to that. To date, our religions and “spiritual practices” have thought we needed to transcend sexuality to get to a true (and pure) spiritually, when, in fact, we can only get to a true (and perfect) spirituality through sexual (creative) balance. This critical oversight was due to the one-force misconception and to this day continues to kill our dynamic and romantic (pro)creation together.

You are really speaking of a universal romanticism, aren’t you?

Yes, very good. A romantic theology if you will. I am reminded of Dante (The Divine Comedy) and his spiritual vision of Beatrice; an illumination. (Pages 40-41)

So nobody will be forced to embrace this idea of man and woman balance?

How could that be? At that moment, the balance would be lost. Individual choice is the acid test of balance, and balance is the basis for all freedom. All I am saying is that man and woman balance presents to us the understanding from which we may create (without creating karma) and thus together enter into the one everlasting moment of pure (pro)creative love. (Page 63)

So when one can handle the waiting, even if it is “forever,” at that moment, one begins to give (express) eternal love?

Yes. And then there is no more pain (spiritual death) and the path becomes clear for the opposite two to join together just as it was destined to be from the non-beginning to the never-ending. And in this eternal life they each give of their love so that they may give again, and the balance is bestowed, each of the two forces giving their eternal love to each other at every moment in their perfect (pro)creation together. You see, you are not of yourself alone. You are always with your other half just as am I. When we know this, life begins. (Page 73)

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