The Art and Practice of Creativity

The Art and Practice of Creativity

Excerpt From the Book:

Man And Woman Balance As The Consummate Abstraction/Expression of Great Art

Man and woman balance is that abstraction/expression that brings the light to consciousness. No other abstraction/expression can accomplish this task as it is through man and woman balance, in its procreative expression of life, that a co-creator discovers/identifies the fundamental principle of procreative love. As man and woman balance is the only abstraction/expression that illuminates the consciousness with the fundamental principle of all life, it, as such, qualifies to be considered (in its dynamic symmetry) as great art. The art of creativity lies in the life expression of love between a man and a woman. From that creative expression, out of the two sexed-opposing desires, love is forever given a form, each time different in it expression but nevertheless, more beautiful. (Page 13) Read More…


Book Description:

In this writing the author sheds light on that elusive activity known as creativity giving definition to those creators of the beautific light. — 33 pages © 1998


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

The Beatific Light Of Man And Woman Balance (Procreative Love) Is Only And Always What It Is

The beatific light of procreative love is exactly that. It can only and always be that which it is. The fundamental principle of procreative love is, was, and always will be the COF (central organizing factor) of this securing/reproducing universe of man and woman balance. It is from this understanding and expression of the beatific light that the art and practice of creativity is sourced. A co-creator may now (for the first time) begin to create/express the beatific light of procreative love and forevermore have this light center his or her every conception/creation as it reaches out in spirit to touch that deepest placement of life in the soul of the other–eternal love. (Page 26)

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