Meditations for Deepening Love

Meditations for Deepening Love

Excerpt From the Book:


  • Meditation to Daughter*
  • The Birthing Process
  • Romance: How to Find It and Keep It
  • Let Us Create Life Together
  • The Abundance Booklet
  • Please Believe In ‘Us’
  • Beauty
  • The Light At the End of the Mind
  • The First Pair
  • The Miracle

    Book Description:

    This collection includes 47 booklets that highlight the author’s writings and allows the reader to experience eternal love, one to another. — 371 pages © 1994, Expanded Edition, 2010


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    Complete Excerpt (continued):

    Meditation to Daughter*

    My dearest daughter, how could I have ever told you what it means to be a woman. Yes, you thought you knew; at times you were so sure, you would look at me wondering what I knew about life. But now you know, don’t you? Yes, my blessed daughter, you, too, have now crossed the channel from woman to mother. You, too, have given birth to a baby, your baby. And now you know; I could see it in your eyes when you first held your baby to your breast. You, my daughter, have brought forth life, just as I had done. And then the look you gave me showing me your understanding, and love, that I am your mother and you are my child, just as you are now the mother of your child. Now you know, my daughter, why I could not explain motherhood in its purpose in my life to you, just as you won’t be able to explain it to your daughter. She, too, must first give birth to know herself and her mother. Thank you, my daughter, for now knowing me as your mother and knowing yourself as my daughter. *From Mother (Page 19)

    The Birthing Process

    Woman: …Take this thought, my man, that I bear into your consciousness. Take it and go forth far and wide, expressing our sexual creation to anyone who may ask, “Who am I?” Know it to be your purpose to being forth the consciousness of sexual creation of You and I to every living being so that every being may know the purpose of their sexual being and their eternal interconnection with their sexual other half.

    …And lastly, never forget to trust me. Your task will not be easy. Never before have I directed such a difficult undertaking as one coming to know his or her sexual self. Many will disbelieve. Some will even scoff and mock you. But do not despair, more and more will gather around you. I will not let you fail. I will always be guiding you—when your purpose is complete—back home to me. Again, I, female, will take you into me and rest your wary soul. (Pages 31-32)

    Romance: How to Find It and Keep It

    Now, the question for men is, do you see into the soul of woman? Do you see her unity? Eternal love cannot be yours until you do. When you do, eternal love cannot be denied you. And women, do you see the soul of man, his individuality? Do you see that man holding the division of male and female with all his might just for you? That is where your eternal love lies. To enter the sanctuary of love we must know that very soul of our sexual other. And I will tell you that the distinct essences of male and female will never change. Male and female are from the beginning and will always be. Together they form what we call family. From their love come children. And life goes on. Love is, in its essence, procreative. Everything a male and female do together is creative. Everything they do together is created out of their love. Male and female are in eternal love together right now! Their love is happening right now. Each of us are actually in eternal love with our sexual other half right now. When you know it so will you see it. (Pages 41-42)

    Let Us Create Life Together

    The woman was beginning to see the magnitude of the man’s responses. The truth cannot be spoken—she had no idea. “But,” the woman spoke, “how do you hold all of this within yourself over time? It must break your heart.” The woman looked at the man and suddenly begin to flush. She saw that this man did carry a broken heart—so within himself he seemed to be. “What can I do to help?” she uttered. “We don’t want the truth to die.” The man responded saying, “The truth lives only as it is reproduced. The truth lives only through man and woman. If I have been sent with this message then I must not have been sent alone.” The man paused and then trembled as he said, “May you be the one who has been sent with me. May you be the one to extend beyond me.” (Page 101)

    The Abundance Booklet

    You and I, in perfect balance together, in this one eternal moment of now, comprise the source of all abundance. Can you feel this? Abundance just cannot be found in any other place than in our balance together. In holding to our balance, abundance is brought forth to both of us through our love. So, if you ever find yourself in need, please ask in our name, and I can assure you that it shall be given unto You just as perfectly as you have asked. (Pages 191-192)

    Please Believe In ‘Us’

    Do you understand if I now ask of you, please believe in us? Please believe in you and I together, forever. Please come be my helpmate to secure/reproduce this eternal universe of our love. There is nothing else but our eternal love. Let us now come unto one another. Let us step beyond the personhood of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, or whomever we may have believed in, in the past and who now may be standing in the way of You and I. Let us begin to touch each other in our eternal love. This is the one immediate choice that now faces us. Let us begin to choose each other, not out of disrespect for our past, but out of our love for each other. (Page 198)


    When I saw you for the first time, I knew my soul had been touched by beauty. I felt a light or radiance in the deepest part of me. How does one describe it? Is it just a feeling that cannot be put into words? Have you ever tried to define beauty? Let me say, everything, for the first time, began to make sense to me. Life had a coherency to it. Aristotle called beauty an organic unity. Maybe it is a divine harmony or an eternal consistency. In any event, my soul had been touched like never before. Like Dante after his vision of Beatrice, my life was never to be the same. (Page 264)

    The Light At the End of the Mind

    The light at the end of the mind illuminates the mind with all clarity. Clarity—a purity of constant realization that this light could only reside at the end of the mind. After all ideas have come into awareness—without an answer. After all action from these ideas have been taken—to no avail. After all hope has been lost, and finally admitted to, here comes the last idea. Yes, the light at the end of the mind is but an idea. An idea that is a word–a word that contains all the meaning of life and illuminates the mind with the understanding that has been missing since the dawn of consciousness. The light at the end of the mind is the last idea to be brought to consciousness… (Page 271)

    The First Pair

    The First Pair has come! We thought the return would be through Jesus or some Avatar type. It wasn’t. We thought there would be a great rejoicing—some final salvation. There wasn’t. We thought the return would bring peace on earth. It didn’t. Certainly the return would at least better our plights. It didn’t even do that. So what then was the return, what did it do? Perhaps–could it?–touch one heart. (Page 291)

    The Miracle

    A miracle does not give us something—like a new house, job, or relationship. Rather, a miracle asks something of us. It looks not at what we don’t have and thus want but at what we already have (to give) though might not see. In other words, the miracle is already sitting inside ourselves waiting for us to take note of its authority—and its urgency. A miracle actually calls us to a greater undertaking within ourselves. (Page 324)


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