Man and Woman Forever

Man and Woman Forever

Excerpt From the Book: The voice within, that voice of my innermost being, reveals to me who ‘I’ am, male or female. My whole being leaps out in expression of my sexuality. ‘I’ express at all times my unique sexuality as distinct from yours. ‘I’ am but one aspect, male or female, as are ‘You’, in the purposive design of our creation. (Page 5)

There is not one moment when we are not intrinsically connected in soul relationship as male and female. As male divides from female so, too, must he unite. As female unites with male so, too, must she divide. So goes the sexual creation of ‘You’ and ‘I’. (Page 7) Read More…

Book Description:

A bringing to the surface the eternal connection within each man and woman with their sexual (equal and opposite) other half.  — Pamphlet – 19 pages © 1985, Revised Edition, 2010




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Complete Excerpt (continued):

Upon the eternal connection of our sexual consciousnesses, we innately know of the presence of ‘You’ and ‘I’. We instantly know of each other at any time or place through the sexual consciousness we possess within ourselves of our creation together, dividing-uniting forever. We know of ourselves together as surely as we live, and die, and relive through the sexual creation of ‘You’ and ‘I’ as is of our desire. (Page 9)

‘I’ request that ‘You’ be beautiful for my eyes to behold, so ‘I’ will be beautiful for ‘You’.
‘I’ request that ‘You’ be strong in case ‘I’ may falter, so, in turn, ‘I’ will be strong for ‘You’.
‘I’ request that ‘You’ be pure in heart so that ‘I’ may trust, and so ‘I’ will be pure in heart for ’You’.
‘I’ request that ‘You’ be certain in mind so ‘I’ may at times rest my head, and so ‘I’ will be certain for ‘You’, too.
My soul calls out in request of ‘You’ to receive all that ‘I’ am, and so ‘I’ am ready to receive all that ‘You’ are. As ‘I’ ask ‘You’ to receive my very life, so ‘I’ will be there to receive yours. (Page 12)

Our introduction together is a universal event set in time. As we meet, so, too, is our destiny set for us. What we each bring to our introduction together will be the breath and scope of our creation forever. We instill in life the meaning of ourselves that we create through each other as defined in our introduction. And so ‘I’ return to my vision and reflect upon ‘You’ and ‘I’, only holding to what ‘I’ know we are, the two sexual forces of creation. (Page 14)

“Who am ‘I’?” A moment’s wonder–and there “You” are, eyes meet, no questions need ever be asked. “I” am a male in relationship to “You” a female, or, “I” am a female in relationship to “You” a male. Together we are the two necessary aspects of our sexual creation dividing-uniting, creating this moment, and then the next…, through our sexual creation, holding eternity in our consciousness. “You” and “I” together are Man and Woman Forever. (Page 17)


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