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A metaphysical account as well as the author’s own experience of illumination. This writing is a step into the light of a procreative metaphysics as well as being the author’s most autobiographical statement. — 164 pages © 1990, Revised Edition, 2010


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Sexual consciousness provides us with the opportunity to unify the physical, mental, and spiritual realms into a one creative process. We have had a serious fissure between body/mind, body/spirit, and mind/spirit not knowing how to bring them together. We have been in a tug-of-war with each side out of balance and in conflict with the other. There really aren’t any such fissures. There is only sexual consciousness, male and female in form (or resting out of form). The division is a sexual one, male as to female. Males are male in body, mind, and spirit, if you will, as are females female. “God” (himself-herself) can only be the enactment of the two forces of creation. Consciousness is always only enacted as and through sexual form, male or female. Creation can only occur through the sexual creative process of male and female. (Page 27)


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