Healing In The Light

Healing In The Light

Excerpt From the Book: What do you mean?

Something essential happens to us when we experience our hopelessness. In that single instant, we are confronted with all the meaninglessness of the universe and the black hole in our own souls. All is empty, a void. But if you can just hold with that moment and let it in, something profound happens. Read More…


Book Description:

This writing is for the youth of today who face the challenge of–nothing. How is one to cope with such a future? There is an answer. — 69 pages © 1998


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

What is that?

Perhaps for the first time we see ourselves, and maybe even more importantly we see we are not alone and just how much we need each other. Have you ever given thought to just how much men need women?

How much?

As much as life itself.

Do you know how much women need men?

Same amount?

Of course.

(Page 8)


Spiritual procreation. It is the message of the universe.

Could you explain a little more?

We have thought that procreation was just physical, but in actuality its essence is spiritual. For our spirits to live, we must be in balance (or union) with our other half.

Do we spiritually make babies?

Yes. Exactly. The spiritual touch is procreative. It is the surrender or unity point when a man and woman give themselves to each other.

That is what every woman wants.

(Pages 23-24)

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