Dimensions in Consciousness

Dimensions in Consciousness

Excerpt From the Book: Sexual perfection is a soul quality, a consciousness. The issue here is not about mistakes we may have made or might make. Sexual perfection is much larger than that. It is a conception or metaphysic we hold from which we view all things. From the consciousness of sexual perfection, it follows that one views all things as sexually perfect. What a joy it is for a man to see the sexual perfection of a woman, of all women, and for a woman to see the sexual perfection of a man, of all men. The sexual balance of all interacting males and females is ours to behold. Theirs is a creative reality revolving around their perfect love together. (Page 25) Read More…

(Note: this e-Book can also be found in the collected works, “Selected Writings – Volume 2“)

Book Description:

The purpose of Dimensions in Consciousness is to come to know and experience the furthest reaches of our consciousness—that of an absolute. It is also to come to know and experience the Man and Woman Relationship as immediate love. Can the immediate and the absolute come together as one? Let us see. — 87 pages © 1990, Revised Edition, 2009




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Complete Excerpt (continued):

The rationale behind a woman taking the man’s last name is rooted in her reception of him. Her surrender to man is to receive all of him into her being, name included. A man’s surrender to woman is in giving all of himself, his name, his life, and his seed to her. This is nature’s way, not some sexist conspiracy. If a woman does not want to take on the man’s name, or if the man does not want to give his name to the woman, they are not right for each other. That is a clear indication their surrender to each other is not taking place. (Page 32)

Let it now be asked, can you hold your own sexuality as eternal to all creation now, and still surrender to love? This is the surrender we are each called to make in this sexually creative universe. It is the exact surrender to the only reality that is now.

This structuring or ‘rooting’ of each man or woman in his or her own universal man and woman relationship will bring forth a consciousness of that other part or sexed half, so that one may know and experience a connection with their ‘sexual other’ at each moment throughout one’s life.

And so I say, take comfort in the fact that you exist for no other reason than to give your life to your sexual other. (Page 62)

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