Wealth Plus+ Empowering Your Everyday comprises a series of concise articles created for the purpose of increasing your wealth. Wealth here is being used in the broadest sense to include anything that empowers your life. There is a great deal of material out there about creating one’s reality, the Law of Attraction, connecting to Source, and the like. But how does one actually create the life they desire and output that into reality? Is there some missing secret, as it were? Yes, and it is contained in an abstraction mankind has yet to make. No matter where you stand in your spiritual journey, this abstraction will require you to step beyond your current understanding, and so, this step can only be your choice. Would you have it be any other way?

Each of the Wealth Plus+ articles build on the prior one. By the time you complete all twenty-five articles, you will know that abstraction as the anchor of your own soul and the wealth you desire will be yours.


Wealth Plus+ Contents:

  1. Wealth Plus+ – The Secret to Attracting and Multiplying Wealth!
  2. Wealth Plus+ – Healing the Inner Self for Health and Wealth!
  3. Wealth Plus+ – Control Your Inner State—Change Your Life!
  4. Wealth Plus+ – Abstraction—The Missing Key to Your Creativity!
  5. Wealth Plus+ – Developing Spot-On Confidence!
  6. Wealth Plus+ – Sexual Charisma is Yours Now!
  7. Wealth Plus+ – Making Diet and Energy Work for You!
  8. Wealth Plus+ – Making Relationships Work Now!
  9. Wealth Plus+ – Understanding (Your) Universal Purpose!
  10. Wealth Plus+ – The Perfected Soul—Transcending the Karmic Cycle!
  11. Wealth Plus+ – Realigning Religion to Life!
  12. Wealth Plus+ – Prayer Answered in its Asking!
  13. Wealth Plus+ – Healing the Existential Wound!
  14. Wealth Plus+ – Restoring Unalienable Rights!
  15. Wealth Plus+ – Resolving the Racial Divide!
  16. Wealth Plus+ – Ending Financial Global Peonage!
  17. Wealth Plus+ – A New Model for Business and Labor!
  18. Wealth Plus+ – Making Government Accountable!
  19. Wealth Plus+ – Ending the Sexual Abuse of Women!
  20. Wealth Plus+ – Ending the Drug Scourge!
  21. Wealth Plus+ – Restoring the Family Unit!
  22. Wealth Plus+ – A New Model for Education!
  23. Wealth Plus+ – Restoring Culture and Values!
  24. Wealth Plus+ – Ending Energy Dependency and World Hunger!
  25. Wealth Plus+ – World Peace Through Man and Woman Balance!


Appendix 1: Wealth Tips: Staying Aligned to the Law of Balance!
Appendix 2: The Secret Word That Attracts Wealth!


Always think bigger than what you are now doing!

wealthplusA metaphysics for wealth creation. In a world that is losing its way, the author reminds us of the principles required for wealth creation. Wealth does not just fall out of trees but must be exactly abstracted to bring it forth. There are metaphysical laws that we must adhere to. –228 pages © 2013

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Health begins as a spiritual alignment and is expressed in love.

Hold health in your soul as your soul. You are a healthy person. You feel good in this moment because health lies within you—encoded in the very fabric of your being. You know this by its very expression—that of love. Love cannot know despair or dis-ease. Love only knows love. Let us not succumb to the doubt of spiritual imperfection, that we are somehow impure and full of problems beyond our ability to infuse them with love and thus change their affect upon our lives. All power lies in love. The very nature of our beings is love. Health is not more than that state that exists when love is expressed, one to another. To believe you are somehow at the effect of your circumstances is not holiness but poverty. Poverty can only attract itself. Only love can remedy poverty/pain by recognizing it, love, is the center point of all existence. (Page 10)

The perfection of the soul can only be found in sexual union.

We cannot take the sexual out of metaphysical or physical life and hope to survive. It is through the sexual domain of male and female that the opposite two can unite as one. And then from this unity the next division, a new life, can be brought forth. There isn’t any other reality in life. All these other supposedly “transcendent realities” to sexual life and love are illusions of life. They are not real. They cannot exist. You can’t find life, love, or children there. What you do find is a poverty consciousness. The reason why Wealth Plus+ stands on the procreant process as the center of all existence is because wealth, primordially, can only be found in the balance and love between a man and a woman. That is its center point from which all things radiate. That is its point of perfection. (Page 77)

“God” is never supernatural; “God” is only personal.

The balance of procreant love between a man and a woman is as personal as things get. To somehow transcend this love into some “sexless realm,” as if there can be some sexless realm, is the height of not just ignorance but arrogance. There is no greater love than your love right now as you are giving it to another. Likewise, there is no greater act of love than in receiving the love given to you by another. Each one of us is wealthy with love right now as we give to and receive from our sexual other half. We need not look any further. And, as I have said, if you are not physically with your love’s calling right now, please know, you always are together spiritually. (Page 85)

Connecting your light with the light behind the world.

Your light shines with the individual moment-by-moment decision to give more to and take less from another. When you and another meet together in this connection, a light shines from behind the world. It is this connection that gives light to the world. Your connection together, in whatever its form, gives light to culture and values. Culture and values only live in light. All light, as mentioned, is both static and dynamic in its nature. Light propagates (reproduces) itself through its two equal yet opposing forces. It can be said that light is a static/dynamic balance between two equal yet opposing forces. Your every thought/action is balanced—in its connection with another. Your every thought/action is wealth producing—in its connection with another. Balance and connection are one. Connection and love are one. Love and wealth are one. Within the connection is the perfect separation/expression of balance, wealth, and love. Within the separation is the connection. One is not without the other; both are needed for either to be. Know light as your love with your equal and opposite sexual other half right now. (Pages 197-198)

Our individual light/energy is connected to the universal light/energy.

When it says in Genesis 1:27: So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them, it means that each one of us is blessed with the original life (or light) element of all creation. We are not replicas of the light; no, we are the original. This is what sovereignty, or co-sovereignty, means. Each one of us has at hand the universal light energy moving through us. This is why we can accomplish so much with so little. One abstraction/inspiration can change the whole world. It is here, right now, available to every one of us to change the whole world—simply by holding to the procreant balance that is the foundation of all creation. And how does one do this? Hold to your balance with your own equal and opposite sexual other half. If you don’t have the understanding to abstract the words right now, allow me to offer you The Eternal Prayer as a beginning point. (Page 207)