The Truth Process For Men and Women

Due to a fundamental misunderstanding, mankind has yet to discover the spiritual glue that will hold a relationship together.

Join us in the Truth Process for Men and Women, and discover the spiritual glue that will allow you to have an everlasting relationship.

To bring the eternal down to earth, that is the purpose of the Truth Process for Men and Women. Since the beginning, our religions have promised to us an eternal (spiritual) life. They have not been able to deliver due to a simple failure to make two necessary abstractions. Actually, one of the abstractions was made but not the other. Until the other is made, the eternal (truth) will always stay in the future.

The eternal is a touch or connection. It is a place in the heart or soul where upon a man and a woman can reach out to each other and touch eternally. The connection is made and known given the two abstractions. Without the understanding of these two abstractions, our relationships will continue to wither and die. We lose that special love that was once felt and wonder why. The solution to this collapse, which is now affecting every aspect of our lives, lies in the eternal touch via the two abstractions. The truth is simple but only once you know it!

Benefits of The Truth Process

  • You will understand the structure of the universe and what actually drives it; its motive forces.
  • Understand the individual soul and its unique purpose, not so much in its singular life but in its relational life.
  • Understand illumination (the light) not just as a spiritual idea but a romantic one as well.
  • Understand the difference between the sexes and how that difference is crucial to any successful relationship.
  • Understand the unique concept called balance and the roll it plays in conscious life.
  • Understand the eternal connection between a man and a woman thus bringing forth the incredible potentiality of the eternal marriage.
  • Create the ability to touch the eternal (love) in your other half, that sexual opposite of you, that will run through the lineage of your lives.
  • Understand the nature of prayer, who it is really to, and its telepathic nature over time/space.
  • Understand the nature of the wound and how to heal all emotional hurts.


Individual workshops are generally presented on Saturdays 8:30am – 6:30pm and include continental breakfast and buffet lunch.

A three-day workshop intensive  is also available for those who would like to take all the workshops at one time. The intensive runs on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Dates To Be Determined

Individual $155:

To say of what is that it is,
and of what is not that it is not,
is to speak the truth.