Hear my voice!
Hear my silence!
Hear my soul!

The Purpose of the Leadership Workshop:
Leadership is a position/location in the soul. The purpose of the Leadership workshop is to get to that position/location. To get there, certain abstractions will have to be made and presented. The purpose of The Truth Process for Men and Women was to make those abstractions. The purpose of Leadership is to present them.

To exist one must be;
to be one must think;
to think one must speak!

Requirements to Take the Leadership Workshop:
To take the Leadership workshop, it is required that you have completed The Truth Process for Men and Women. Leadership is an advanced workshop that begins where the The Truth Process leaves off.

The Benefits of the Leadership Workshop:
The Leadership workshop represents the greatest abstraction to date in the field of human growth. It is warp speed in terms of transformation, lifetimes progressed. You will leave the program with a new neurology, that of a universal leader encoded into your eternal soul.

The finding of the speaking
voice, in alignment to
eternal truth, is the greatest
discovery in all of life!

Who Originated the Leadership Workshop?
Leadership was originated by Christopher Alan Anderson. Mr. Anderson is a metaphysical/spiritual writer and teacher. He came upon the concept/abstraction called leadership as the last step in a long process of learning how to speak the truth. The truth, after being discovered, must also be spoken.

How to Take the Leadership Workshop:
Leadership is a one-day workshop. Leadership is presented when the demand for it arises. We work together in setting up the program.

Leadership begins when
individual illumination and
divine providence finally meet!

Individual workshops are generally presented on Saturdays 8:30am – 6:30pm and include continental breakfast and buffet lunch.

A three-day workshop intensive  is also available for those who would like to take all the workshops at one time. The intensive runs on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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How to Register for the Next Leadership Workshop:
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