A Living Prayer For Relationship: A Social Evening

A Living Prayer for Relationship is an evening workshop that serves as an introduction for the Foundation of Man and Woman Balance and the Metaphysical Writings of Christopher Alan Anderson. As a part of the evening there will be time made to experience that special place from which relationship is based. Many of us today find this missing from our lives. We haven’t reached that place in our souls called The Living Prayer for Relationship upon which when spoken will bring us to our ‘only begotten’ other half. This does not suggest a religion or ideology but a method of being or prayer that connects us to that special other we have always felt to be living in our hearts.

A Living Prayer for Relationship offers those who have taken one of Mr. Anderson’s workshops the opportunity to sponsor an evening inviting friends and guests. Contact the Foundation of Man and Woman Balance to sponsor an evening in your area.


Next Workshop:

Date & Location to Be Announced
Individuals and couples welcome
Cost: Donation