The Truth Process For Men and Women


“When will our spirits touch?” This is the question men and women are asking the world over. We call out to each other from the dark night—“Where are you? Come be with me, now and forever.” But there isn’t any answer and we know not why.

Out of our despair, we seek but know not were to find. And so we go to church and listen to the sermon one more time, or again contribute to the politicians’ empty promises, or try the latest sexual technique, or attend another New Age workshop on “oneness,” but never—never ever—do our spirits, man to woman, touch. And the days turn into years.

The Truth Process for Men and Women is about a discovery that opens the door to the eternal connection between a man and a woman. This discovery came about through a series of mental abstractions made by the creator that uncovered a fundamental flaw in our consciousness which has prevented the connection from occurring. For our purposes, what you need to know is that this connection can now be made. In other words, there is an answer.

The Truth Process for Men and Women constitutes a certain “leap of faith” out of our existing paradigms of non-connection into a new paradigm of eternal connection. That is its promise to all of those who attend. Please come and join us in the most beautiful of all experiences that will forevermore change your life.