Short Talks

The Short Talks were given by Christopher Alan Anderson from September to December, 2011. He begins by addressing the spiritual idea known as “the light.” The light becomes the starting point for a step-by-step articulation and clarification of the predicament we find ourselves in today. We are stuck in a maze of outdated (religious, philosophical, ideological, and new age) thought patterns not knowing how to get out. The talks take us through a reordering process from which we can begin to see clearly and thus act as if our survival really mattered.

Free Introductory Short Talk
“The Light Behind the World”


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Complete Short Talks:
(It is recommended that the video series be viewed in the order listed)

  1. The Light Behind the World
    Running Time = 6:53*
  2. A Dynamic Light
    Running Time = 11:27
  3. The Two Forces of Creation
    Running Time = 9:38
  4. The Construct of the Universe
    Running Time = 9:20
  5. Man and Woman
    Running Time =11:45
  6. Spiritual Procreation
    Running Time = 12:49
  7. The Eternal Woman
    Running Time = 19:40
  8. The Question of Homosexuality
    Running Time = 23:19
  9. Transhumanism
    Running Time = 25:30
  10. Declaration of Freedom
    Running Time = 27:04
  11. The Monetary/Socialist Complex
    Running Time = 33:07
  12. A Case Against Violence
    Running Time = 41:35
  13. What is Spiritual Pain?
    Running Time = 38:20
  14. Bringing the Eternal Down to Earth
    Running Time = 33:31


* Times listed refer to minutes and seconds.