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There is only one choice in life—each other. In the one-force paradigm, this is the exact choice we have not been able to make. No wonder why we long ago went crazy. We are blocked from our procreative life together in spirit, mind, and body. But with the understanding of the two forces of creation in making the conscious metaphysical distinction between male and female, we can now rectify this problem. We can accept our other half into our hearts and lives by simply saying, “I choose you.” Such is the existential choice that will bring life to our lives.

Psychotherapy As If Life Really Mattered © 1995, 2010


A psychology for the “New Age” from which we may finally discover through each (opposite) other “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”, bringing closure to our incompleteness. — 100 pages © 1995, Revised Edition, 2010

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Have you ever thought or felt within yourself that something very fundamental to your life is missing? This can’t be all there is, can it? There must be something more, something so very special that we haven’t been told about. (Page 1)

Let us now trace the evolution of human consciousness to see if we can better understand the actual consciousness that we must (choose to) hold to consciously be in life. We tend to take our consciousness for granted–as if we are automatically conscious and see reality clearly. Conscious of what? This presumption is faulty and actually leaves us in an illusion of consciousness, a pretense that we know what is real. To really be conscious, we must understand our evolution from preconsciousness to, hopefully, a full consciousness. (Page 9)