World Peace Through Man and Woman Balance

Oh, the cry for world peace, if only we could have peace amongst ourselves. If only we could bring all conflict to a close. Mustn’t we do our duty and attend another peace rally (power to the people), have another peace day and worship our “oneness” together?

Yes, let us get serious and “demand” peace. “We demand peace,” the crowd shouts. “We demand peace now.”

Yet the conflict continues for, you see, no one really asks the mostly unconsciousness question—what is the root of the conflict? Where does the war wage in our own souls?

Might we consider the possibility that the conflict lies in the imbalance we currently hold right now with our own eternal other half, that equal but opposite of ourselves who is always with each of us?

Let us consider that the only conflict in this world is the one each one of us is having right now with our equal and opposite eternal other half? Could it be, that if we could somehow balance this one singular relationship that all conflict would disappear from the face of this planet?

If so, we must ask ourselves, do we really want conflict to disappear, or is that just some more hot air?

In this workshop, we will look to balance this one singular relationship of our lives and, by so doing, bring true and everlasting peace into this world. This stand or declaration will not be more hot air for it will come from the balance that exists at each moment between a man and a woman that is the definition of life itself.

To choose life is to choose peace. It cannot be done any other way.

Please join us in an unrelenting stand for peace that is founded on the balance of life.