Winning As a Way of Life


Tired of being a loser? Me, too. And it’s not easy, is it? It seems that the forces of irrationality have us by the hairs. Or is it just one giant big conspiracy—a matrix that controls us that we cannot identify? Or perhaps, even more to the point, there is something within ourselves, a misunderstanding or mispremise, that actually insures our continual loser status? Whatever the case may be, in this one-day Meditation Intensive, we will identify exactly the block that prevents us all from being a winner in life. “All win, all the time”—that shall be our motto. The idea of winning as a way of life ought not to be considered a pop psychology, the latest feel good promotion, or some positive thinking/visualization method. Winning actually is encoded in life as life.

Each of us is born to win.

Losing is not an option. It’s not about faith per se. Rather, it is about metaphysical law. In metaphysical law, losing is the great illusion. Winning, in everything we do, is our only option. “All win, all the time”—that shall be our reality.

Let us join together in this most wonderful inquiry on winning.

The winner’s circle awaits us one last time.

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