The Word

In the beginning was the word and the word was _______________. What do we put into that space? Do we put the word God or Yahweh in there? Perhaps we should put I AM or I AM That I AM in that place. Maybe we should put some word like light or energy or spirit or mind or love—something, an ether or Tao or First Principle.

Whatever is the “what is,” certainly that should be the word, shouldn’t it? The truth of the matter is that we do not know what the word is. If we did we would know why the word is the word and, furthermore, why no other word can suffice as the word. Imagine, all this time, all this talk, and we still do not know.

But what if we did know?

What if we could know—can you imagine the power we would have (not over others) to actually live rightly? In one moment, everything would change. We could live in harmony with things; we could truly love our neighbor as ourselves; we could align with the creative forces and solve our problems—energy, poverty, war, and sickness, to name a few, if only we knew what the word was.

In this one-day workshop that is what you will come to know.

When you leave you will know what the word is and why the word is the word and, in fact, could not be anything else but the word. And, in that moment, everything will change. And, more importantly, you will know what to do.

Please come join us in this most greatest of opportunities—the discovery of the word.