The Procreant Nature Of (Sexual) Surrender

As per our spiritual evolution, we are moving into an age where we seek our purpose, meaning, value, ecstasy, and even transcendence in the sexual domain. The significance of Freud was in the demarcation point that we, in our essence, are not just beings (or even spiritual beings) but, first and foremost, we are sexual beings. We live sexual lives. We don’t just live as some type of unisex minds or spirits through sexual bodies, rather our bodies, minds, and spirits are sexual in nature, which is to say–The nature of a thing lies in its sexuality, male or female. And so relationship moves to the forefront of our lives and rightly so.

Having said this it is quite obvious to notice that something very essential is being left out of the conversation on sexual surrender or sexual union—the new proof of enlightenment as it were! It is not enough to understand the sexual nature of things or even the innate differences between men and women, critical as that is. We must also understand that centering this most essential relationship is the procreant. The nature of all sexual surrender/union is procreant. We seek this surrender/union to procreate, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. In any surrender/union,the child cannot be left out of consciousness. The child is always calling to be born. A surrender or union will not be complete if the child is not heard. It is in the child, the procreant nature of the universe, that surrender/union truly occurs.

In this workshop, we will look to find that placement in our hearts where not only our sexual other half resides but also that child that will be born out of our unity together. When that placement is found spiritual beauty or radiance is (re)produced once more.