The One Constant Of The Universe

What is the one constant of the universe, that thing or process that you can depend on in every situation?

No matter where you find yourself to be, in some alternative universe or reality where the rules appear to be different, in some situation you have yet to cognize, in some awake or dream state where the forces around you seem to be against you, there it is–the one constant of the universe ready to give coherance to your every thought and breath.

Is the one constant what we historically call “God” or “spirit” or the“witness” behind all thought and form?

Maybe the one constant is whatever we each think it is, a subjective constant. Maybe it is some nature spirit or Gaia consciousness—if we could just experience our“oneness” together some shout. Maybe we should just explore the nature of the question and not look for answers.

Or just maybe we should wait for our great leaders to tell us, our ministers and educators, our politicians and lawyers, our scientists and physicians, for certainly they always have our best in mind, don’t they?

If you have arrived at a place in your life where you would like to just sweep all the old (beliefs and hopes) under the rug and begin anew, this workshop is certainly for you. In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to step beyond all that has come before and enter into the one constant of the universe.

And from this moment on, it will never change. It will always be what it is for that is its nature. It cannot ever be anything but what it is.

Are you ready to step forward into this level of accountability—for life?