The Inwardness of Light

Far too often, when dealing with the subject of illumination, the experience is misinterpreted. The light that truly shines does not come to one but from one. It, in its nature, exists inwardly. And yet, too often, people think they “know.”

It’s just assumed actually.

That “knowing” might be something they were taught or read or have come to through a spiritual discipline or just from the course of life. Whatever the case, that “knowing,” more often than not, resides as an external placement within them.

It doesn’t speak from the deepest recesses of the universe. It doesn’t hold all power in its form. It lacks certain credibility even if the applause is great. The naked purity of heart along with the strength of carrying the humility of truth is missing.

Ah, but how does one get to this most essential placement in the inward world of light?

In this workshop our task will be to wade into that inward location where the light is revealed in all its glory. We will do so by a most interesting method–actually clarifying our languaging via defining our terms. It is often said that the true light or reality of life cannot be defined and/or expressed, only experienced.

Let us rather say, if we are unable to define/language the nature of a something then let us stop at that point and make no further claims. What is not or cannot be defined and/or expressed has no concern for us as conscious beings.

If you are ready to look at the most direct and clear light in this universe then please join us for this most illuminating of programs. The light is what it is. In being what it is, it can be defined. In being defined it can be brought to consciousness.

In being brought to consciousness, it can be experienced and shared one to another.