The Illumination Called Romance

Romance is a special love that has come to be significant in relationships today. Most couples desire—and even demand—that spark of love that brings joy to their life together. The beauty about romance is that it can exist at every moment of a couples’ relationship and, in doing so, give life to that relationship.

But, the big question is, how?

This question is answered in this 1-day workshop The Illumination Called Romance. What we, heretofore, have failed to understand is that romance is a light, a very special and beautiful light, that illuminates the souls of a man and a woman. In this workshop we will discover exactly what that light is and how to tap into it so that it may bath our own relationships in its beauty.

Many today would rather not think about such things as the Illumination called Romance. They want love to somehow just come to them, their feelings being their guide. Others might try and dominate their relationships without consideration for the spiritual significance of the other. And still others turn the whole thing over to some “higher power,”failing to understand that the love must come from their own hearts.

In short, we fail to see that romance is actually a very defined and exacting idea that takes a special effort to bring to consciousness. But that is apart of its joy, in knowing just how special it is and how wonderful it is when we can give it to our beloved without any circumstance ever able to interfere.

Come join us in defining and sharing this most special light called romance and illuminate your relationship today.


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