The First Pair

If we were asked what the First Pair is, that is to say, what that idea means to us, probably most of us would answer something along the lines of “the story of creation via Adam and Eve.” But I wonder how often we actually look into the meaning and importance of the idea of a First Pair.

Let me just ask some basic questions that come to my mind. What is the meaning, both in metaphysical and practical terms, of a First Pair?

Who really was or is the First Pair and how would we even answer that question? Is the First Pair sexual, i.e.,male and female, and, if so, why?

Was the First Pair created by something else or does creation actually come out of the First Pair,and, if that is the case, what would be that process?

Does the idea of a First Pair help or hinder us in understanding the truth of life and our own unique purposes in life?

I am sure there are many other questions one could come up with but in just looking at the few I have asked, I think it is safe to say that the idea of a First Pair presents us with a great deal to ponder.

In this workshop, we will bring to the table the above questions and any others we can ask concerning the idea of a First Pair. And moreover, we will see how the idea of a First Pair actually can give to us the structure to answer any questions we may have.

(We don’t need to be continuously stuck in the question!)

In other words, it just may be this idea of a First Pair that brings order out of the chaos once and for all. That in itself would be a glorious thing. Please come join with us in the discovery of the First Pair and actually find yourself,‘who you are,’ for the first time.


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