The Eternal Connection


In this day of searching for our perfect or higher self or higher or spiritual power, etc., one thing remains certain, we will not establish the connection to the eternal that we seek. The desire for an eternal connection resides within each man and woman as the core of their purpose, perfection, and fulfillment in life. The essence of philosophy, religion, spirituality, psychology, and any new age quest are all based in establishing this one connection.

We must kneel at the throne of some higher power we are told or, conversely, go within ourselves, i.e., “be still and know,” or come to experience the “oneness” supposedly lying beneath all experience. And on it goes- -another “teacher” shows up just in time to support us in climbing to the top of the mountain, neither of us realizing we have just made the trek to the top of the wrong mountain once again.

The Eternal Connection is a one-day meditation intensive in making certain distinctions so that we can climb the right mountain and thereby connect with the eternal. The answer lies not in faith, feelings, experience, psychic or spiritual knowing, or even in enlightenment/illumination but in a simple (2 + 2 = 4) understanding that opens the door for us to actually and concretely know—for the first time–what the eternal is and what it is not.

Please join us on the trek of a lifetime, all the way to the top of the right mountain.

And, yes, there is a right as to wrong mountain.


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