The 1st Principle and Cognition

“If I could just get what I want, then I would be happy.” How many of us have said those words in some form or another? I know I have. Yet, the underlying issue here is one of manifestation. How do we manifest those deepest desires of our heart that we have held onto for so long?

The key lies in our cognition (knowing) of the 1st principle of all things.

This is to say that we must cognize or bring to consciousness the 1st principle from which we can then place our specific desire into. It is not enough to believe or pray or have faith. It is not enough to do good works or be in service or be creative in some way. We actually must be conscious of the 1st principle—the why of it.

From there we just take our desire and drop it into its center. What this does is anchor our individual desire as one with the universal process of life. Once our individual desire is anchored in this fashion, there isn’t any choice but that it will manifest.

The reason why so many people cannot seem to manifest their desires is because they drop them into a “center” that is not the 1st principle. For example, let’s say you place your desire on the “saving grace” of Christianity, or the “oneness experience” of I AM, or the “thought is creative” New Thought movement or the “I create my own reality” New Age movement, etc., and wonder why your desire does not manifest.

It is because you have placed your desire into something that is not the 1st principle. It cannot manifest for it is out of alignment with the 1st principle. Correct the alignment and the manifestation will then occur.  So the question before us then is, what is the 1st principle?

In this discussion, we will cognize the 1st principle into our minds from which we then place our desires into and watch the manifestation begin.