On Unalienable Rights Why We Never Had Them

…that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights… Who can forget that phrase in the most famous document on freedom ever penned by the hand of man—The Declaration of Independence?

And yet, everywhere we turn we seem to be bogged down by the licensing board, the regulatory agency, the taxation bureaucracy, laws that go against common sense and economic hope, politicians that set their own perks and pensions, the tidal wave of the demand for more entitlements as if somehow an entitlement was an unalienable right.

Could it be that in the history of the world we have never really had unalienable rights?

And could the reason that we have never really had unalienable rights be because we actually have never known what they really are?

How many of us can define the nature and origin of an unalienable right? How many of us want to?

In this one-day workshop we will do just that—define the nature and origin of unalienable rights. The reason for this is that we are not really able to achieve our wants and desires in life without them. We struggle on against the forces of the borg only to be defeated once more.

Isn’t it time to clear the air and expose the conspiracy that has been keeping us in the dark for thousands of years, claiming that whatever rights are they certainly are not unalienable? Come join us in this most intriguing program that will allow you to understand and experience your eternal freedom via your unalienable rights once and for all.

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