Marriage The Only Purpose of the Universe

What the universe actually is, its construct and its purpose, has always been a great mystery. That the universe would even have an order much less a purpose in its being is somewhat mind boggling. And yet, as we contemplate this grandeur, one thing appears certain—there is life.

There is life in this universe and at the center of this life process is the procreant—that union/division between sexual opposites that is the rebirth and lineage of  life everlasting. And so one can only ask, what might be that one absolutely necessary ingredient that supports the procreant nature of life?

The answer is marriage.

Marriage—a simple couple of words, I DO, spoken by a man and a woman, out of their cognition of the necessity to make a commitment to each other so that the life of a child can be given the love—their love—that is so absolutely necessary for that child to survive.

In here, we see that marriage is the gatekeeper of survival—survival being an absolute necessity for life.

In this day and age of so much confusion in relationships not to mention an inability to commit to another in marriage by holding to those magic words I DO in any circumstance, we all need to reconnect to the importance of marriage as the only purpose of the universe.

This is not a mandate to you but an opportunity to meet the grandeur that resides within you so you can again give to your most special other the stance of life. Please come join us in this magical workshop and experience the center of the universe—marriage—to be of your own eternal giving.