Let There Be Light


The declaration and/or command Let There Be Light arises from the beginning of time. Of all the commands, this may be the greatest. Yet, what does it actually mean? From where does it originate—within our souls? How may we incorporate it into our lives so that we may equally stand upon the stars and declare for all time, Let There Be Light.

The above questions are just a few of the questions we will reflect upon in this one-day Meditation Intensive. At the heart of all these questions arises the one elementary question, what is light?

If we were to ask that question of ourselves the common reply might be luminosity. But can we delve deeper into ourselves and discover the source of luminosity? In New Age parlance we often hear the term, the light. One might even declare, “I am the light.”

And so we try but the light still does not shine. Being “the light,” as it were, does not guarantee or command the light to shine. Again, we must go deeper.

This Meditation Intensive is for those who have room in their souls for one more step—into the light. Come join us in the most unusual inquiry on bringing the light into the understanding such that we may illuminate the world from our command

—Let There Be Light.


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