Healing the Soul Forever

The center point of all healing lies in our souls. Our souls are our individual expressions of the living light of which there are various names. It is imperative then that our souls be healed so this living light can be expressed through us.

Now, one may suggest that this living light or spiritual perfection already exists within us as us, so what is the problem?

This actually may be the case. But until we know that one unique balance point between our light soul and another’s, all the wishing, praying, exploring, or investigating will not right or heal us. This is especially true of today’s New Age movement where everyone seems so sure they have found their own source or truth.

The source or truth actually does not lie within us. It lies as a connective point between us. This is the difference.

In this workshop, we will have the opportunity to come to recognize and embrace this one unique balance point. In doing so we will come to the astonishing realization that our souls are not just healed, but that they are healed forever.

From this one unique balance point we can never go back to the old days of confusion, angst, doubt, and suffering. No matter where and under what circumstances we may find ourselves in the future—from incarnated lives to new forms and visions—we will know and hold this balance.

If you have an interest in having your soul healed forever, please come join us in this one-day workshop that will allow you to glow—from this moment on

–from the inside out.


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