A Living Prayer For Relationship


Many of us today find ourselves missing the one thing we really want—a relationship. How may we bring forth that relationship we truly desire and have felt is just around the corner since time immemorial?

Could it be that we have forgotten how to pray?

This is not to suggest a religion or ideology but a method of prayer that will connect you to that special other that you have always felt to be residing in your heart. In this workshop, we will actually learn how to make A Living Prayer for Relationship upon which when spoken will bring you and your only begotten together.

This workshop is not just for singles but for couples as well. Many couples still feel a gap or separation in their relationship not knowing how to close it. A Living Prayer for Relationship works for both singles and couples who feel a distance in their relationship be it physical, emotional, financial, common interest, purposive, parental, or spiritual.

The Living Prayer process is universal to every man and woman. Whatever state or condition you find your self to be in regarding relationship, come join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity to discover The Living Prayer for yourself, realizing once and for all that you are never alone.

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