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Living To Win – All Win All The Time!


The Living To Win Coaching Sessions were developed by Christopher Alan Anderson out of a metaphysical discovery that allows each person to not only be in balance with all things but actually control that balance. It is really a cognitive positioning (consciousness) in one’s soul that one discovers which allows one to come from a placement in the universe known as All Win, All The Time! This placement is an exact reflection of the dynamic balance, i.e., passion known as man and woman balance. All energy is sexual energy. All energy is passion. All winning is a build-up to sexual explosion—be it by a man’s giving or a woman’s receiving. Tap into the sexual dynamic of the two forces of creation and learn that each moment, each situation, each circumstance is waiting for you to claim your equal and opposite other half right now! Feel that energy exploding in you right now!

The Living to Win Coaching Sessions are especially valuable for those who are on the top of their game and yet have not quite tilted over into the All Win, All The Time! stratosphere. CEOs, artists, doctors, attorneys, ministers, actors, educators, athletes, entrepreneurs, anyone on the cutting edge of anything, all can benefit from this most incredible breakthrough in energy/conception dominance. Fees are negotiated per session.

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