Balancing The Soul

Balancing the Soul is an educational/spiritual model to counseling based on a new understanding of life. It is not really a psychotherapy but a metaphysical discovery. It is the discovery that provides the spiritual healing. It brings one into an eternal balance to which one’s circumstances must align. This process/discovery was developed by Christopher Alan Anderson and allows a person to transcend that existential doubt that plagues us all.

Through one or more personal sessions guided by Mr. Anderson, one is able to find his or her essential self not as a singular individual but in relation to another. The soul’s balance lies not in the directive (know thyself) but in a balance with another. The real questions of life are not, Who am I? and Why am I here? Rather they are, Who am I and Who are you? and Why am I here and Why are you here? The psycho-therapeutic model used today has not made this important distinction.

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