To Cassandra — Early Years

The Soul of A Woman

To Cassandra—Early Years © 1985, 1994

This writing reveals the author’s own internal quest to return to the home of woman. It is a calling from the silence to the heart descripted in beautiful prose poems. — 128 Pages © 1985, Expanded Edition, 1994

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The Light

It has been said That buried deep within the heart Beneath all “the truths” There lies a stillness That is the light A light so bright That we cannot see.

For so long This light has been shining –For no one to see?– For so long … the day came When the light, broken-hearted Began to weep And its brightness Turned to beauty.

And the light looked upward Towards the night and said “I am broken,” And in that moment Suddenly, everyone could see This dimming light And they laughed, saying to it “You are not so bright.”

The light recoiled Pulling itself inward To protect its wound And buried itself Beneath all “the truths”… A light so bright …


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