February 18th, 2015

Man, Woman, and God: Four Collected Works

The new theology of creative balance presents us with a new Trinity. The new Trinity is comprised of God the Father and God the Mother, their interaction (love) together creating the holy (pure) child. It is balanced. We leave behind the old Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We leave it behind because it did not place male and female in the position of co-creator with their other half.

Man, Woman, and God: Four Collected Works © 1994, 2010


Man, Woman, and God: Four Collected Works

This writing presents to mankind a new conception and definition of “God” based on man and woman balance (procreative love). It includes four separate works: The Community of Man and Woman; The Eternal Marriage; I Carry the Cross, too—The Completion of the Message of Jesus Christ; and Man, Woman, and God. — 353 pages © 1994, Revised Edition, 2010



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From the marriage of a man and a woman, the universe begins. This is to say, the process of procreation starts to take place. Procreation is the recreation of life. What is occurring here is the enactment of family. Family (male and female) is the basis of creation. It is through family that the eternal play of creation (birth-life-death-rebirth) is carried out. Without family (the balance of male and female) life cannot be. In such, the Community of Man and Woman is based on family. It is family. (Page 92)

We are sexual beings residing within a sexual universe. And thus lies our spirituality, our mentality, and our physicality. The creative balance between male and female is as spiritual, mental, and physical as things can get. There isn’t anything more real or immediate than that one creative touch between man and woman. There is no greater love than the love from a man to a woman and from a woman to a man. All that is originates from this sexual love. (Page 101)

The universe (life) depends on our coming to the truth….But we can only come to the truth as we embrace our sexual other. As I have stated, one half of the truth resides in male and the other half of the truth resides in female. Neither male nor female can come to the truth alone. (Pages 140-141)

If the task at hand is to come to the truth, we must find a way out of the prison of our current limited consciousness. We will need to step beyond our current conceptions, beyond the boundary of our minds, into new territory. This step will, by definition, take us beyond all that has come before us. We must step beyond our past and current metaphysical or spiritual (religious) conceptions of truth. As I mentioned, we are not able to arrive at the truth with what Jesus left us. We are now on our own. Buddha or Mohammed or Brahma will not help us. The Logos or Tao or I Ching cannot guide us. Our philosophies know not the way. Our psychologies can probe no deeper. Our socio-political hopes have run dry. Even our New Age “spirit guides” have forgotten what to say. You see, everything that has come down the pike to date only leaves us stuck in our current limited consciousness. (Page 205)

Men, do you know that the soul of woman has been hurt? You have hurt your woman, haven’t you? You left her behind to bleed on the roadside. You used and discarded her when all she wanted was to love you. Why do you do this? Do you not see that woman is the only bridge that will take you beyond yourself? Woman is your only hope, but due to your actions she is giving up her belief in you. Can you, man, take responsibility for creating this state of affairs? Can you feel every pain that you have ever caused woman, from her birth to her death?

Women, do you know the spirit of man has been hurt? You blame man for all the havoc around you, don’t you? You think that men “just don’t get it” and that you could do a better job at life. Can you? In the name of equality, you kill the spirit of life, the difference that you and men depend upon. Now, you only want a man conditionally, not completely. Cannot you see that without a man you can’t even have yourself? Perhaps men, too, are doing the best they know how and that in their hearts they only want to care for you. Will you allow that? Can you feel a man’s very struggle throughout all of time to do only one thing, to make a home for you? Can you feel this when you are alone? (Pages 340)

I sought the center of all life yet could not find it until the day I said to myself, “I shall not seek.” And this is what I saw—a mother with a babe at her breast, a man plowing a field, children playing on a swing, a father taking his last breath, a man and a woman walking down the aisle together—I saw life. And in that moment, I knew that there existed God the Father and God the Mother giving their lives to each other, over and over again, to create one more moment of life.(Page 345)



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