To Cassandra – The Early Years

To Cassandra – The Early Years

Excerpt From the Book:

Smile Your Smile

From the soft spot
Somewhere inside me
I only ask
That you please not forget
To smile your smile at me
When you see me
For I need that assurance
From you,
I need to know
That you are here with me
Before I can lay down my distance
And let go off my seed.
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Book Description:

This writing reveals the author’s own internal quest to return to the home of woman. It is a calling from the silence to the heart descripted in beautiful prose poems. — 129 Pages © 1985, Expanded Edition, 1994


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Complete Excerpt (continued):


Cry More Deeply, My Love
Cry more deeply
My love
Until your heart breaks over
And your tears run dry,
More deeply
Until you feel cold all over
And your spirit pulls away,
More deeply
Until you feel numb
And you scream inside
Knowing no one
Will hear you,
More deeply, my love
Until you know
You have completely
And forevermore
Disconnected from this world.
Cry more deeply, my love
Cry with me.

Do You Know Me
Even In Your Sleep?

Cassandra, my love
I look at you
Lying still
Softly breathing
So deep into your sleep.

Where do you go, my love?
I do not hear you
Have you drifted away?
Gone on to explore other dreams
While so deep into your sleep.

So deep into our sleep,
Maybe in your travels
You will come upon me
Just as you have done in “real life.”
Will you see me, recognize me
Wave your hand and smile?
Will you, my love?
Do you know me
Even in your sleep?

The Light

It has been said
That buried deep within the heart
Beneath all “the truths”
There lies a stillness
That is the light
A light so bright
That we cannot see.

For so long
This light has been shining
__For no one to see?—
For so long … the day came
When the light, broken-hearted
Began to weep
And its brightness
Turned to beauty.

And the light looked upward
Towards the night and said
“I am broken,”
And in that moment
Suddenly, everyone could see
This dimming light
And they laughed, saying to it
“You are not so bright.”

The light recoiled
Pulling itself inward
To protect its wound
And buried itself
Beneath all “the truths”…
A light so bright …

I Am Never Without You

Birth and death continue onward
Generations come and go
New faces emerge
Sharing new ideas
Formulating new conceptions
One or two so evolutionary
That even reality is viewed
Beyond what I could have ever known
But I am never without you.

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