The Universal Religion: The Final Destiny of Mankind

The Universal Religion: The Final Destiny of Mankind

Excerpt From the Book: Metaphysically speaking, we can say that we come as pairs, male and female couples. Your eternal companion is with you right now!, speaking to you through your inner voice. When you understand this, you will feel a new light within yourself, the light of your eternal companion. (Page 19)

A child is born represents the touch of love (balance) between a man and a woman. That one touch is the whole foundation of the universe. It is a direct touch, a complete touch. It is the touch of life. All that is required for this touch is a man and a woman, conscious of their creativity (connection) together. In their consciousness of life, they touch and–a child is born. This touch is the truth of life. There isn’t any greater truth than life. In the universal religion, only the two forces exist expressing their love and their life. There isn’t anything else but a male and a female in creative balance. Nothing else is recognized for nothing else exists. This perfect state of creative balance is known as God. Why? Because from this balance a child can be born. (Page 21) Read More…


Book Description:

In this writing the author completes and unites all religions, in a breathtaking articulation of the universal construct of man and woman balance upon which all things rest. — 100 pages © 1994, Revised Edition, 2010


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

God is the balance that exists at each moment between the two forces of creation. In short, God is man and woman balance. God is not a thing, a force, or a higher power. God is an order, the order of man and woman balance. The order of creative balance is what is. Why is it? Because it is. Why is there life? Because that is the creative nature of life, its order….If God is not a thing or a force, how then, may we know and experience God? We know God as we know the balance. We experience God as we experience the balance. We express God as we express the balance. And what is the balance? The balance is the balance between male and female. We know, experience, and express God by holding to the balance with our equal but opposite other half. (Page 22)

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8) So spoke our great teacher but what can we gleam from this verse? I take it to mean that purity, or what I call spiritual purity, is a necessity to see God. This is to say we must first be pure in heart to see (or receive) man and woman balance. Man and woman balance is that pure state—free of sin. In holding that other equal and opposite in relationship, one becomes pure in heart. (Page 72)

Faith is an unquestioning belief or complete trust in something. Heretofore, we have placed our faith in “God.” The universal religion would have you shift that faith over to the eternal other.—I believe in you. Or one could also say, ‘I’ believe in us, our love. Us is the balance point of life.
Now, let me ask, why should we believe in each other? Perhaps it is because we only have each other. Because ‘I’ am your eternal other half as ‘You’ are mine. But how can this be? Is there any proof? ‘I’ don’t know, let me think. ‘I’ guess it is just what ‘I’ want to belief. It is what ‘I’ will believe. For ‘I’ want to be your eternal other half. ‘I’ must be your eternal other half. ‘I’ don’t have anything else—but ‘You’! And just think, there isn’t anyone in this entire universe who will back up your claim but you—and your eternal other half. That, my friend, is faith. (Page 76)

At this exact moment, each of us has the one opportunity to be the first and only man (woman) in this universe to choose woman (man). Why? Because “I” do, “I” just do. And out of this choice comes life eternal, just as is our faith in life, in each other. Yes, I believe in You. And isn’t this the most real, life-affirming, dynamic statement we can make to each other? It (life) is us! So now you know that “God” is not, nor ever will be, with you. Rather, it is your other half who has been and always will be with you, guiding you to your heart of love (balance) where you can see him or her smile and say to you, “Thank you for guiding me to you. You are my eternal companion just as I have always sought. With you I accept that our love is forever.” (Page 77)

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