The Romantic Ideal

The Romantic Ideal

Excerpt From the Book: The Romantic Ideal is a metaphysical conception one holds concerning the nature of existence or essence of reality that states that existence or reality is a sexually creative one, that male and female are the component driving parts, and that through their dividing-uniting interaction, creation (birth-life-death-rebirth) continues to be brought forth. It is an existential bearing one holds where one existently stands in a sexual relationship with a sexual opposite in a dividing-uniting- interaction together throughout eternity. In short, it is a universal faith held in everlasting love between oneself and one’s sexual opposite, also known as one’s other half, sexual other, existent other, or soul mate. Let us then know the Romantic Ideal as the state of being where one is in everlasting love with his or her other half. (Page 4) Read More…

(Note: this e-Book can also be found in the collected works, “Selected Writings – Volume 2“)

Book Description:

The purpose of The Romantic Ideal is to present a definition of romance, one that actually adheres to our hearts and souls. It is the opinion of this writer that romance actually presents to us our highest calling, not religion. But we need an icon, if you will, to believe in, to hold us together when the times get tough, and to bring out the best within us. This icon is the Romantic Ideal. — 72 pages © 1987, Revised Edition, 2009




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Complete Excerpt (continued):

The Romantic Ideal—the state of being where one is in everlasting love with his or her other half—has merit given the fact that indeed “one is not without the other” and that “each is needed for the other.” If we were not metaphysically embedded in relationship, and if that interaction between the parts was not individually distinct, male as to female, yet mutually necessary, there would not be any sexual distinction or creation of life. Since there is life, we may conclude that the sexual or creative process of male and female, known as the existent process of male and female individualization and unification or just the Man and Woman Relationship, resides at its hub or center. Upon this understanding we can set up a metaphysical model that results in the Romantic Ideal and also look at other metaphysical models and their results. (Page 16)

The basis of a family is a male and a female. Male and female comprise the center of existence in the process of formation-deformation-reformation. Family is that male and female in the birth-life-death-rebirth continuum. Each of us is born of family, our parents, from which we divide and in time more towards our own family, uniting with a sexual opposite to bring forth the next recreation of male and female, our children, as we move towards the greater rest of death. Family is nature’s way; it is primordial and eternal. (Page 58)

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