The New Trinity

The New Trinity

Excerpt From the Book: Creation is the moment-by-moment interchange/outcome between man and woman. To say, “In the beginning God created” is to say that from the unity Father-Mother divide, or that from the seed of male deposited into the womb of female comes the next birth of individuality. This universe is a creating one, not a created one. There isn’t any beginning nor is there an ending. There is only life, living and dying, individualizing and uniting, forming and deforming, over and over again. There is only male and female life in interchange, macro to micro, male securing and penetrating, female receiving and reproducing, as they create and recreate the existence of themselves. Our sense of God is but our own sense of life, of being alive as creators of the universal movement, within the universal desire of our constant sexuality. (Page 13) Read More…

Book Description:

The New Trinity is the marriage of a man and a woman…So starts the author’s treatise on the Trinity covering the subjects: Creation, The Fall, Grace, The Messiah, The Virgin Birth, Death and Resurrection, Salvation and Redemption, The Holy Spirit, The Second Coming, Prayer and Faith, and Eternal Life. — Pamphlet – 22 pages © 1985, Revised Edition, 2010




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Complete Excerpt (continued):

The Holy Spirit is our sense of our other half that resides in each one of us. We are all interconnected with our sexual other, dividing from and uniting with over and over. When in the divided or separate state, we are still intrinsically interconnected through our soul consciousness. Our sense of connection is our sense of spirit, our sense of life itself which is a sexual self-other creation. We might say that within each of us is the life-spirit or Holy Spirit of our sexual other, the balance of that being what we call God. (Page 18)

All that we come to in this universe is ourselves and our other half. That existent relationship is our life hope. The reverence we may feel towards life is to our own self-other relationship. Our faith in life is to our own eternal process, the enactment of individuality and unity with our sexual other throughout eternity. Our prayers to life or God are our intrinsic callings to our other half. We pray through ourselves to our other so that we may hear our other call back to us through ourselves. (Pages 19-20)

Eternal life is a state of consciousness. It is the result of one knowing oneself as a sexual entity, male or female, who, along with that sexual opposite, comprise sexual creation. Eternal life is the existent process of male and female individualization and unification which never began nor will ever end but will always be. (Page 20)

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