The Money System: How to do Business Anywhere in the Universe

The Money System: How to do Business Anywhere in the Universe

Excerpt From the Book: The Money System begins from a philosophy of life. Why a philosophy? Because we need to understand just how life works and what we must do in life to be successful. Suddenly our task has become larger in scope. But don’t let that worry you as we will proceed step-by-step. (Page 1)

The Money System in general is about a philosophy of life. But we will want to be very specific and key in on four critical ideas, or integrations as I call them, so that we find a clear path to move forward in our lives. The Money System is not a shortcut to riches. I don’t know if such a things exists. It does not offer you a product (good or service) that you may profit by. Its value lies in the four integrations that, once made, will clear the way for you to thereby profit in life. In short, we will be laying a foundation or ground zero from which we can progress. That is the purpose of a philosophy. In actuality, each of us succeeds in life dependent upon the adequacy of our philosophy of life. (Page 2) Read More…


Book Description:

The Money System: How to do Business Anywhere in the Universe is a succinct writing defining four abstractions or integrations we must make to turn things around for ourselves and capture the success of which we still dream. — 41 pages © 1994, Revised Edition, 2010


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

In The Money System everything is geared around your freedom to earn and own. The whole structure (of the universe) centers around you rather than the state. Can you see the difference here? It is the difference between poverty and prosperity. Let me ask you, do you still have any dreams left. Whatever your dream is, be it wealth, health, or love, or just some peace, you will never find it while you reside within the confines of the poverty hoax. The poverty hoax will such you dry and throw you away without a second thought. It is time we wake up to the fact a war is being fought over our money. We must begin to defend ourselves, clearly articulating the right to our own lives and pocketbooks. Each one of us must decide for ourselves that the poverty hoax is not worth our support if we are ever to find for ourselves a life worth living. Let’s be rich! (Page 22)
Man and woman balance is the greatest integration—it is universal to life and to freedom. Anywhere life and freedom exist, they do so based on man and woman balance. Since The Money System is about doing business anywhere in the universe, ought not it then lie on the foundation of man and woman balance? After all, without life and freedom, none of us would be here to do business in the freedom of securing and reproducing life. Thus, it can be said the business of life takes place universally from the base of man and woman balance. The only foundation of universal (economically free) business is man and woman balance. I say this with the full understanding that we have yet to adequately integrate the realities of life and freedom. Hopefully, this first integration of man and woman balance will aid in that endeavor. (Page 24)
That one product is that one essential thing that will align each and every person to the command center as a co-creator of the universe. That one product is balance. Each of us must purchase balance by giving it out of ourselves. Our every idea, action, and innovation must be centered by it or our market share will wither away. Balance is wealth. Let there be balance, that is the (spiritual) gold. It is the enduring and everlasting. Immerse yourself in the balance and your soul will be immortal. The whole universe awaits your declaration. (Page 35)

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