The Man and Woman Manifesto: Let the Revolution Begin

The Man and Woman Manifesto: Let the Revolution Begin

Excerpt From the Book: It is important to understand that any and every imbalanced relationship will result in a system of master/slave. The individuals who proclaim their right to rule over others inevitably justify their rule in the name of some one-force conception such as “God,” the people, the state, some race, tribe, clan, or group. (It’s interesting how we can never stand up just for ourselves.) And from time to time, the slaves grow uneasy and begin to protest and shout slogans, possibly even revolt. Sometimes the slaves overthrow the system and they become the new masters. But our current nation-state stays firmly in place. You see, until and unless the underlying metaphysical structure is altered (within us), nothing will change. The only way to alter the underlying structure is for a paradigm shift (or metaphysical restructuring) to occur from a one-force conception to a two forces of creation. Until we begin to understand the two equal but opposite forces of male and female and center our lives on that balance, the imbalance of the nation-state will control. As long as the imbalance of the nation-state controls, we will continue to be a pawn to the imbalance no matter which side of the master/slave relationship we may reside. We will stay in bondage and all of our religious, transcendental, or spiritual unions, our consciousness liberations or psychological clearings, will not alter that fact of reality. Our prison may be one without bars, but no less a prison. (Pages 16-17) Read More…

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The Money System [read excerpt]


Book Description:

A look at the foundations (rights) required for men and women to be free. This writing is the author’s socio/economic statement and allows each of us to step beyond the domination and bondage of our current political systems. Includes: The Money System. — 122 pages © 1994, Revised Edition, 2010


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

Without free-market money, we can never be free. Freedom is the freedom to transact as you choose, to use what good or service you desire if the price is what you want to bear. How can you be free if the medium of exchange itself is being disguised, manipulated, or counterfeited by the controlling powers to fit the “political ends” of controlling your pocketbook? Control of money is about control of your pocketbook. Free-market money is about the freedom of each person to control his or her own pocketbook. Free-market money is energy (value) in flow, free to find its equivalent value in exchange. The Money System is about free-market money, the only money that serves as the staple for our own individual freedom and value creation anywhere in the universe. (Page 88)

Everything dies within the poverty hoax. Business dies, relationship and family die, love dies, the spirits of men and women die. We see the end result of poverty, despair, violence, and death all around us. People are being used up, lives wasted, businesses lost. And many people sense something is wrong. The church leaders speak up and tell us we need to be more compassionate and forgiving. The state rulers claim we need to sacrifice one more time. Yet, no one speaks of economic freedom, the only doorway to success and prosperity. Economic freedom gives to us universal independence, opening the door to create value and do business anywhere in the universe. (Page 91)

I am fully aware there is a legitimate purpose of government and that the great experiment in freedom known as the United States of America attempted, at one time, to practice this purpose. The purpose of government is to protect you in your right of economic freedom. The one and only purpose of government is the protection of each individual’s right to earn and own. But the moment a government begins to view itself as the sole sovereign entity is the moment it begins to promise the free lunch and demand the present ransom. And “we the people” have demanded this of government in our belief that we have some right to consume the unearned. We demand that the government produce for us. But guess what—governments don’t produce. They don’t produce anything. The only way they can give something to someone is by first taking it from another. This is why the government wants your money, so they can give it to another to continue to foster the illusion that they can provide for you. But who do you think receives the confiscated money? In reality, the government ends up keeping most of it for itself. That is why the government really wants and needs your money. Remember that the next time you see a politician smile at you. He is really laughing at you. (Pages 92-93)

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