The Eternal Marriage

The Eternal Marriage

Excerpt From the Book: Historically, we have thought that we could come to the truth of ourselves alone. The father of philosophy, Socrates, instructs us to “know thyself,” as if we alone can come to the truth. Even Jesus said to us, “Ye shall know the truth…,” as if there is a truth to be known by ourselves alone. This idea that we alone are capable of knowing-expressing the truth I call the great misconception of singular truth. It has been with us since day one. This misconception of singular truth does us more harm than any other mispremise. Literally, it is killing us for it is cementing in place our inability to embrace our metaphysical interdependence and reach out and touch each other. We are locked into ourselves, closed off from the reality and necessity of our sexual opposite. (Page 32)

The calling of man (to come to the truth) is the calling that he comes to woman. And the calling of woman is the calling that she comes to man. Each unto the other. Each calls for the other. I understand that some of us may not be with our other right now. But I speak of a consciousness, a consciousness that knows of one’s sexual interconnection, a consciousness that sees life in terms of male and female. What are you bringing to your other right now? (Page 35) Read More…

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Book Description:

It has always been somewhat of a mystery to me why so little has been written on the subject of eternal marriage, not as romantic fantasy but as actual metaphysical fact. It seems to me that if we actually look into our heart of hearts, eternal marriage is the greatest of all ideas and realities that we can embrace. I have always believed this and so this undertaking is being offered. — 99 pages © 1992, Revised Edition, 2010


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

The great revelation of the primacy of creation is that we, male and female, create together. The great misconception of mankind is that we can create singularly or alone. We are not creators per se. We are co-creators. Life hangs in the creative balance between male and female. Alone, we have nothing to say. (Page 42)

Eternal love/life is not a metaphysical given per se. It must be continually recreated. Love and life are only eternal as they are reproduced moment-by-moment out of the balance between a man and a woman. The promise of eternal love lies within us in that we together have the power to bring it forth as we secure and reproduce it through our moment-by-moment continuous interaction. Eternal love is not “out there” somewhere to be found. No, it lies within us always waiting to be created, and then again recreated, through the creative balance of a man and a woman. How wondrous is life that a man and a woman can bring it forth and continue it onward through their love together. (Page 79)
But if I speak it, how will I know another will receive it? All we have is a trust. And isn’t that all a man and a woman have in each other? All we are able to do is trust each other. Trust arises out of relationship, essentially out of our sexual difference. “I” am not “you” and “you” are not “me.” We can only trust in each other that we will see each other for what we sexually are. I cannot talk you into seeing me, nor can you talk me into seeing you. We must trust in each other if only because there isn’t anything else in which to trust. We only have each other! (Pages 86-87)

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