The Discovery of Life

The Discovery of Life

Excerpt From the Book: For aeons, mankind has been caught in a trap, a trap so hideous it has prevented men and women from achieving any type of enduring success. Yet, from this trap, our religions formed and promised mankind a way out through another world. Later, our socio-political institutions were formed promising us liberation in this world. Yet, neither could deliver, for they were part of the trap, which was nothing but a simple misconception mankind made at the dawn of consciousness preventing him from discovering life. (Preface)

So, which do you do? Do you divide the one or do you unite the two? This is the great metaphysical question. To answer it, we need to discover our sexual selves, who we are in relation to whom we are not, thereby discovering life. If you are a male, you will do one of these functions. If you are a female, you will do the other. Both functions are equally necessary to life, yet they are opposite. So which are you? (Page 12) Read More…


Book Description:

This writing chronicles the paradigm shift that each of us must undergo to enter into a full (pro-creative) consciousness of life, upon which true success and connection in life can then follow. — 106 pages © 1994, Revised Edition, 2010


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

The metaphysical center of creation is a dividing/uniting sexual creative process between the two forces of male and female in perfect balance together. It is this creative dynamic of man and woman balance that will replace the old static one-force misconception, for man and woman balance has always been and will always be. There isn’t any other process, principle, or order in the universe that will bring forth life for it is life. (Page 36)

Some three thousand years ago, man(kind) made an abstraction (of order) in his emerging mind and realized he was conscious (of something). Some three thousand years later, another abstraction (of two forces) is being made and men and women are realizing they are conscious of the balance of life. “Why life?” they ask. Because that is the nature of what is! “Why male and female?” they wonder. Because that is the nature of life! Those men and women who are making this second abstraction (of life) now know that they walk the creative (eternal) path together, a path of their making as to their balance. And so it goes, every now and then, a man and a woman unite together in their love, and from this love a child is born and, once again, there is life. Life, imagine. And suddenly this couple realizes that they are conscious–of life–as they see each other for the first time in the life of their child. There never really was anything more to say. (Page 50)

“I” am in relationship to “You.” In this one moment of recognition (of universal balance), we enter into the creative moment of now, and experience exactly how it is. Creative. Perfect. Abundant. Joyful. Beautiful. Free. Romantic. Pure. Clear. Balanced. Alive. Let’s liberate the world in our own perfect love together. Shout to all who will hear – Freedom through Man and Woman Balance. That will be our secret code of liberation (alignment) into eternal love. So at this moment, take the hand of your eternal other half (action at a distance if necessary) and walk down the aisle of life–exploding into now. (Page 86)

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