The Defense Rests: A Freeman’s Bill of Rights

The Defense Rests: A Freeman’s Bill of Rights

Excerpt From the Book:

Judge H. Mr. Articulate, will you please step forward. How do you plead, guilty or not guilty?

Mr. A. Have I committed some crime? Where does it say that I must file an income tax return?

Judge H. Not this story again. The courts say you must file. I say you must file, understand? So please enter your plea.

Mr. A. Yes, I understand. Just checking. That is not the direction I want to proceed in anyway. I plead not guilty.

Judge H. Not guilty? Did you file or not? Did you pay the government the two thousand dollars?

Mr. A. No, I did not.

Judge H. How then can you plead not guilty? Are you one of these “children of God,” free from all earthly domains? Or maybe the I.R.S. is really illegal?

Mr. A. Maybe.

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Book Description:

A dialogue and commentary tracing the reasoning behind one man’s call for a system of economic freedom. — Pamphlet – 30 pages © 1985, Revised Edition, 2010




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Complete Excerpt (continued):

Judge H. Look, I have heard just about every line there is, from the Fifth Amendment to the unconstitutionality of paper money to the lack of jurisdiction of the courts, all so one can weasel out of paying his taxes. So please excuse me if I already appear tired of your story. But the law says I must give you your day in court, so let’s hear your defense, and try and make it interesting if you will.

Mr. A. The reason I did not pay the government the two thousand dollars they say I owe them (and thus did not file an income tax return) is because that money, the two thousand dollars, is mine.

Judge H. I’m sorry, what?

Mr. A. Yes, that money is mine. I own it. I am the one to tell the government what I shall do with it, not the other way around.

Judge H. This is your defense, that the money is yours? What is this, some kind of joke? The money is yours?

Mr. A. Yes, the money is mine. All the money I earn is mine.

Judge H. Well, that is simple enough. You would think I would have heard this defense before. Interesting, but not serious. I can’t take this seriously.

Mr. A. Serious or not, it is still my money. I earned it, no one else.

Judge H. Granted, the money you earn is your own. But that does not exempt you from paying for the services you receive from your government.

Mr. A. Technically, you are right. One should pay for any good or service received. But furthermore, one should possess the choice as to whether or not he wants to purchase that good or service. I choose at this time not to buy the current government service and therefore I own them nothing.

Judge H. But you have already chosen to buy the service of this government. You are a citizen of this country. You partake in this democratic process of ours that allows you your choice.

Mr. A. If I am allowed choice then what am I doing here? …     (Pages 1-2)


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