The Community of Man and Woman

The Community of Man and Woman

Excerpt From the Book: The great denial of life is the denial of one’s sexual essence. Yet, sexual denial is prevalent in our every religious, political, national, racial, and even sexual ideologies and institutions. The heartbeat of life is being denied. Why? Well, haven’t you heard? To know who you sexually are is the great taboo. No one must know, it might expose things and reveal the truth. We may have to look at who we truly are. (Page 20)

Notice how we use the idea of “source” as if each man and woman singularly are “at source” or “can source/originate.” It has been said that the problem of mankind is his/her denial of source. I suggest this problem lies in our not knowing that source is relational. Source lies in the balance between a male and a female. Source is sexual creation. All things originate from the sexual creation of a male and a female. (Pages 43-44) Read More…

(Note: this e-Book can also be found in the collected works, “Man, Woman, and God”)


Book Description:

Can we ever find heaven on earth? We strive and seek, why do our visions fail us so? Could it be that the premises we hold, deep within ourselves, preclude the manifestation of the proclaimed vision? This work, The Community of Man and Woman, details a vision and the premises that hold it securely in place. — 108 pages © 1991, Revised Edition, 2010


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

One may ask if I can prove relationship as the truth. I could say, no, it is a given and you can’t prove a given, rather, it is the initial premise(s) that is required for proof to occur. But listen, what must we subsume for a creative process? We must subsume the two-way (sexual) process of division and unification. We must subsume relationship, specifically the Man and Woman Relationship. There is no room to doubt at this point. Certainty is at its limit—absolute, thus the ascertainment of a point of truth from which we may know and evaluate. (Page 47)

And so, after thousands of years, we still find ourselves separated from relationship, incapable of truly touching, sexual self to sexual other. It is as if we have been having a six thousand year old conversation, each by ourselves alone, about what isn’t. And even though the reality of sexual creation stares us in the face through the eyes of another, we deny. We deny, and then call out, “Is anybody there?” And there isn’t any answer, nor any respite, and our spirits begin to break. “Is anybody there?” Again, there is no answer, and deep inside we know we are doomed–to the abyss. And all of our beliefs, hopes and dreams, and salvation schemes cannot change that reality. There isn’t any escape from the doom of “self only” that darkens our world. There is only its recognition…
And just maybe from this recognition, somewhere, a man may reach out and a woman may reach out and together they clasp hands—a moment of creation. The Community of Man and Woman does not promise us salvation from the abyss, it just presents to us another choice of what we may do while in the abyss. And what we can do is create together. (Pages 53-54)

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