The Balanced Budget: A Way of Life

The Balanced Budget: A Way of Life

Excerpt From the Book: The balance point of life is one of a giving-receiving equality. This means that equal to what one gives or extends out from oneself one receives into oneself. This equivalent giving-receiving may be called balanced interchange. (Page 1)

There is a useful idea that accentuates mental balance. That idea is accountability. Accountability is to mental balance what ownership-by-earning is to physical balance—its center. Accountability rests upon the reality that one is the source point of his or her thoughts and ideas, that it is incumbent upon oneself to form and hold one’s conception of identity and reality. (Page 8) Read More…

Book Description:

A review of the constraints that the nature of existence places upon our survival and the consequences we receive for trespassing. — Pamphlet – 23 pages © 1985, Revised Edition, 2010




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Complete Excerpt (continued):

Upon a conceptional self-other equality, initial giving of one’s life to that other can occur resulting in equal receiving which creates the balanced interchange that all life resides in. Initial giving, one to another, is the spiritual act that brings the two together allowing them to touch in the spirit of what they are giving or creating. Subsequent receiving, one from another, completes the action as both parts receive unto themselves that which the other has given and thus refuel each other to give again.(Page 12)

Both the male and the female have a creative requirement placed on them through which their survival as a relationship depends. It is incumbent upon the male to be able to secure the male and female relationship in body, mind, and spirit. Likewise, it is incumbent upon the female to be able to reproduce the male and female relationship in body, mind, and spirit. Each aspect requires their life’s effort or giving without which neither can live. The male produces from female at birth into individuality, but to do so is consumed by female at death into unity. The female consumes male at death in unity only to be consumed by her own reproduction at birth. Such is the moment-by-moment creative interchange of the man and woman relationship. (Page 17)

The key to successful living is to hold to the requirement of value creation in all aspects of life. On the physical level there is ownership-by-earning; on the mental level is accountability; on the spiritual level is conceptual self–other balance (love); and on the sexual level, male and female creation. From these premises, one can at least possess survival potential, encompassing production of consumables, innovation of ideas, balanced self-other interchange, and creation of male and female life itself without incurring the debt that can easily erase one’s existence. (Page 20)


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