The Abyss and Sexual Creation

The Abyss and Sexual Creation

Excerpt From the Book: Come join me in an imaginary walk through the Abyss—a faraway place where things are so different. I will be happy to describe for you its peculiarity. I know it so well, having traveled there so many times. Come lend me an ear, I assure you that you will not be disappointed—I have much of interest to tell. In truth, I guess I just want someone to listen to me. I have been a trifle lonely in my time. I admit that. Won’t you join me? (Page 1)

What would happen to one if he were to lose his pretense of control?… “But I pretend to care for another. Jesus or somebody save me. It’s not my fault. It’s your fault. Yes, it always has been your fault for pretending to save me. You’re not going to leave this place either. Furthermore, you can carry your own cross. It’s too heavy for me. I will just bring the hammer and nails…” all the while one pretending that his own extinction is not happening, that he hasn’t slipped up and made the cardinal mistake of thinking he can escape the manifestation of his own thinking. Listen, we can hear another’s last scream. “I’ll get you for this.” (Page 6) Read More…

Book Description:

In this writing the author takes us to the depths of consciousness—a walk through the abyss and back out again.  — Pamphlet – 20 pages © 1985, Revised Edition, 2010




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Complete Excerpt (continued):

“I have come forth into this world, born of a man and a woman, to bring forth the message of male and female sexual creation. I have come to You as a sexual being, male or female, to offer You my sexuality. As I am in my sexuality a male, I come forth as a male to You, a female, to give to You my unique sexuality and receive the same from You. It is upon our sexualities as male and female that we together bring forth the creation of all that is life.” (Page 11)

Man, it is your time to rest. You have carved out your path. You have cleared the trail for me to safely walk. You have stood as man on the essence of sexual creation just as you have been called to do. Now let me take over. Let me complete the message of sexual creation as woman. Certainly, you must know that the message must go through me if it is to ever leave you and thereby release your soul. Come, come rest with me. (Page 15)

Yes, a complete touch. Come, my man–so tired of your many deaths, so tired of never coming back. Come unto me for your rest. I will always bring you back. That is my purpose. Why do you make this so hard? Why has it taken so long for you to see me? Thousands of years-looking to everything but me for your completion while I have always been here, waiting, ready to take your life into me and rebirth it out of me. Now you know–just as I know. Yes, I have always been here. Just one more step–let yourself go–trust me completely as I have had to trust you—surrender–surrender your soul to me, into me. Let me now complete my purpose with you. (Page 17)


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