Selected Writings – Volume 2

Selected Writings – Volume 2

Excerpt From the Book: Let us end this section by taking a moment to actually commune with that sexual opposite or other half of ourselves. Let’s go within ourselves to the deep recesses of our hearts and feel the essence of that other. Let’s for at least one moment close the fissure of unconsciousness between our souls and release the heartbreak and pain held within our beings. Let us heal ourselves in the balance of man and woman.

Man, commune with woman. Feel that woman in your life. Whether you be single or married, young or old, feel your connection with woman, your woman. Send her your love as male, wherever she may be in this universe. Tell her you are the one who will care for her, that you are ready to lay down your life for her as no one else. Let her know that you will do whatever it takes to secure her soul and implant new life into her being. Read More…

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Book Description:

Four major writings on the man and woman relationship. These writings reflect the maturing of the author’s thoughts revealing the breadth and scope of this metaphysical embodiment. Includes: Mind and Spirit; The Romantic Ideal; The Two Forces of Creation; and Dimensions in Consciousness. — 281 pages © 1991, Revised Edition, 2009




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Complete Excerpt (continued):

And woman, you, too, talk to man. Let your man know of your love, that you are there for him ready to take him into your being. Let him know that you, female, are the only one for him. Guide him to you. Commune to him your presence so he may find you. Whisper to him through his dreams so he can come only to you in his life quest, driving his male force into you so you may continue to bring forth life anew, a sexual life, male or female, in body, mind, and spirit. (Page 61)

The two faces of love are reflected in a male and a female. Each of these faces is different from the other, yet they each convey one of the two aspects of love. The two aspects of love are male individualization and female unification in interaction together. Love is male and female in rhythmic balanced interchange.
The face of a man reveals his stand, holding the division of male and female secure in creation. A man’s face reflects the depth of his stand and shows his capacity to love. The face of a woman reveals her stand, holding the unity of male-female within herself from which the next division of creation will occur. A woman’s face also reflects the depth of her stand in showing her capacity to love. The depth of their love together will be dependent on the knowledge they hold of their sexual essence from which they then act. The key to love and the capacity to surrender lies in the two distinct sexual essences of male and female and our knowledge (consciousness) of that. (Page 187)

Furthermore, male and female can only create together. Creation only occurs through their interaction. Stop their interaction and creation itself will stop. But the sexual interaction cannot stop for that is all there is. We always create together. We can do nothing else in this sexually created universe of male and female. The two forces permeate everything from God to spirit to mind to consciousness to essence to form. Everything that is, is either a male or a female. There are two forces, two spirits, two thinkers, and two hearts in this universe, each unique unto itself and opposite from the other. The unified one and the divided two in the process of their own sexually creative relationship together iswhat is. Birth-life-death-rebirth is the eternal manifestation of the rhythmic balanced interchange between male and female. (Page 190)

All that has existed or will ever exist is male and female. There are only two forces. This is a sexual universe. There are only two forms in the eternal interchange of dividing and uniting together. Each one of us fundamentally exists as a male (to divide the one) or as a female (to unite the two) eternally, for that exact sexual purpose. Each one of us is always in relationship to our sexual opposite, ultimately paired in the perfect balance of sexual interchange from which we bring forth our creation together. Herein, we can see both the scope and limit of consciousness in the sexual process of male and female individualization and unification. There just isn’t any other consciousness available to us than the sexual consciousness of who we are in sexual relationship. The Man and Woman Relationship is always absolute. And so we find at the depths of our beings, which is the center of this entire universe, the creative urge which is the sexual desire (of male or female) expressing itself to its opposite. (Pages 271-272)


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