Mind and Spirit

Mind and Spirit

Excerpt From the Book:  The impetus or force of thinking then is a sexual one, either to specify idea in relationship through effort or to unite that duality in rest. The male impetus is to individualize; the female impetus is to unify. Their thoughts/minds are premeditated upon their unique essential sexual desire. The male mind and the female mind are as different as are their bodies. The whole male-female interaction makes for a complete individualization-unification continuum, but individually, they are as different from each other as male and female. This is to say that there isn’t any mind per se, only a male mind or a female mind. Just as bodies come sexed so do minds. The scenario that male and female are different in body but similar in mind, as if mind is sexually neutral, is highly mistaken. Thinking is always under the impetus of one’s sexuality, male or female. The sexual interaction is the thinking interaction. There isn’t any thinking without interaction and there isn’t any interaction without male and female. (Page 6) Read More…

(Note: this e-Book can also be found in the collected works, “Selected Writings – Volume 2“)

Book Description:

The purpose of Mind and Spirit is to sex (divide into the male and female component parts) that which we call mind and that which we call spirit. We most often use these terms in a non-sexual or an androgynous way, as if mind and spirit are sexually neutral. I would suggest that that is not the case, that, in fact, mind and spirit are highly sexual, they being either male or female in nature. — 68 pages © 1987, Revised Edition, 2009




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Complete Excerpt (continued):

It is one’s sexual essence then that distinguishes one’s spirit. For male his spirit is one of individualization, for female, one of unification. Thus we have thedynamic spirits of male and of female which bring forth the creation-decreation-recreation of that which is life. That is all there is—male and female, micro to macro, in interaction, dividing and uniting, into and out of form throughout eternity. Male and female are always interconnected through each other. They are each other’s completion, other half, soul mate, or whatever we want to call their eternal dance together. We can only know this sexual opposite along with our sexual self in this life dynamic of male and female. (Page 37)

There is a miraculous aspect to this idea of the spirit of man and woman. Anyone who touches its spirit will be guided throughout his or her life. One will know of his or her purpose and will be directed to its fulfillment moment-by-moment. “And a man and a woman will be cohesively drawn together to express the creation-decreation-recreation of themselves fulfilling their very lives.” This holds true not just over the course of one’s life but over eternal time as well, for what else is there but the existent process of male and female individualization and unification? “And all will come to pass as is one’s desire as one holds that sexual opposite in one’s heart.” (Pages 61-62)


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