I Carry The Cross, too – The Completion of the Message of Jesus Christ

I Carry The Cross, too – The Completion of the Message of Jesus Christ

Excerpt From the Book: Here we are today, some two thousand years after the birth of Christ. And right now it is within our grasp to complete the timeless journey to the truth in the understanding of the equal but opposite unique forces of male and female. Let me return to the question, is it procreative? Two thousand years ago this question would have had little metaphysical meaning for us. Even in Nietzsche’s time, or Russell’s time, we just could not grasp the metaphysical reality of a two forces and the creative balance they comprise together. But today we can. We can nowbear the truth. We can now know the essence and purity of sexual creation. We can now know our own other half and the balance we hold together. And so each of us, too, may carry the cross (truth). The cross is there for all of us to carry.(Page 25)

Sexual Metaphysics—The second teaching is that of sexual metaphysics. Sexual metaphysics is the comparative study of any given, i.e., conception, paradigm, or model to see if it meets the test of procreation and thereby holds to the one universal standard or law of creative balance. The fact that there is an absolute reality (creative balance) gives us the metaphysic of life that must be aligned to if we intend to sustain life. The Man and Woman Relationship is the metaphysic of life. It can be diagrammed in the following manner showing sexual balance on the spiritual, mental, and physical levels. (Page 34)

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(Note: this e-Book can also be found in the collected works, “Man, Woman, and God”)


Book Description:

No doubt, anyone who attempts to “complete” the message of Jesus Christ opens himself up to question and perhaps ridicule. But, I ask, what are we now to do? We are at a crossroads, not knowing which way to turn. In this work, I try to provide a direction and so carry that responsibility for, you see, I carry the cross, too, just as you will upon receiving this work. — 80 pages © 1992, Revised Edition, 2010


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

Our great teacher, Jesus Christ, spoke of the purity of the heart. For this he was crucified. Since his death, men have been fighting one another over whose “belief” is right. Jesus sought the truth in his heart. Man seeks the truth in his glory and self-righteousness. One was free and, in turn, could let another be free. The other seeks to protect his own interests and cannot let another be free. (Page 53)

As we connect in prayer with our other half, let us say a silent prayer for Jesus, our great spiritual teacher. For so long Jesus has been holding our hearts and souls. But he was never to be our eternal savior, for now we know that we (man and woman) have each other. Let us finally release Jesus from this unfortunate burden. Let us say to him, Jesus, you have shown us the way. It is now our time to go forward. Let us lift your burden (of us) from you and go forward with our perfect love together. You have given of yourself completely. Let us now do the same and, in so doing, be as you have been. Let us complete your message in the love we have for each other. (Page 57)

The speaking of the truth is the taking of the stand for life. Of course, our words must come from the balance (silence), and they will as we stand up for life. Each time a man stands up for a woman and a woman stands up for a man, life is consecrated. This speaking of the truth would seem to be the most simple and natural thing to do. Oh, but do you know of the false prophets enshrining the one-force God? They will not hear you, will they? They will mock and scorn you, won’t they? They will laugh at you and spit upon you. Be prepared, my friends, and remember, my words shall not pass away. (Page 60)

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