Healing In The Light and The Art and Practice of Creativity

Healing In The Light and The Art and Practice of Creativity

Excerpt From the Book:

What do you mean?

Something essential happens to us when we experience our hopelessness. In that single instant, we are confronted with all the meaninglessness of the universe and the black hole in our own souls. All is empty, a void. But if you can just hold with that moment and let it in, something profound happens.

What is that?

Perhaps for the first time we see ourselves, and maybe even more importantly we see we are not alone and just how much we need each other. Have you ever given thought to just how much men need women?

How much?

As much as life itself.

Do you know how much women need men?

Same amount?

Of course.

(Page 8)

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Book Description:

Healing In The Light and The Art and Practice of Creativity consist of two separate writings. One is written for the youth of today, the other for those creators of the beautific light. — 96 pages © 1998


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Complete Excerpt (continued):


Spiritual procreation. It is the message of the universe.

Could you explain a little more?

We have thought that procreation was just physical, but in actuality its essence is spiritual. For our spirits to live, we must be in balance (or union) with our other half.

Do we spiritually make babies?

Yes. Exactly. The spiritual touch is procreative. It is the surrender or unity point when a man and woman give themselves to each other.

That is what every woman wants.

(Pages 23-24)


How do you turn the dark into the light?

Not so fast.

No, tell me?

When you hit that wall you have but one moment. You actually don’t want to make your move too soon. You must wait until the darkness (void) totally surrounds you. Do you know why?


It’s because the light shines only out of the dark. So you must wait. When you think you just cannot take the explosion any longer, you must wait.

How do you know when to make the move?

When you feel the calling.

(Pages 54)


The Art and Practice of Creativity

The Art of Metaphysical Abstraction

The purpose of art (as philosophy) is to illuminate the consciousness (with the beautific light) such that coherence is brought into the understanding. Its tool of inquiry or penetration is that of metaphysical abstraction. A creator must reach to the furthest limits of creation, grasping for that absolutely unique fundamental principle that contains and embraces all universal factors, thereby bringing order to the understanding (consciousness). A creator also must hold this furthest reaching of all conceptions suspended in consciousness as the pieces of his or her conception are molded into its proper creative form. The constructed form is itself a metaphysical abstraction through which the reality of the beautific light may shine for all the world to see. (Page 67)

Man And Woman Balance As The Consummate Abstraction/Expression of Great Art

Man and woman balance is that abstraction/expression that brings the light to consciousness. No other abstraction/expression can accomplish this task as it is through man and woman balance, in its procreative expression of life, that a co-creator discovers/identifies the fundamental principle of procreative love. As man and woman balance is the only abstraction/expression that illuminates the consciousness with the fundamental principle of all life, it, as such, qualifies to be considered (in its dynamic symmetry) as great art. The art of creativity lies in the life expression of love between a man and a woman. From that creative expression, out of the two sexed-opposing desires, love is forever given a form, each time different in it expression but nevertheless, more beautiful. (Page 77)

The Beatific Light Of Man And Woman Balance (Procreative Love) Is Only And Always What It Is

The beatific light of procreative love is exactly that. It can only and always be that which it is. The fundamental principle of procreative love is, was, and always will be the COF (central organizing factor) of this securing/reproducing universe of man and woman balance. It is from this understanding and expression of the beatific light that the art and practice of creativity is sourced. A co-creator may now (for the first time) begin to create/express the beatific light of procreative love and forevermore have this light center his or her every conception/creation as it reaches out in spirit to touch that deepest placement of life in the soul of the other–eternal love. (Page 90)

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