2008 – 2009 Articles Collection

2008 – 2009 Articles Collection

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The 2008 – 2009 Articles Excerpts:


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This writing comprises thirty-six articles the author wrote primarily during the years 2008—2009. The exception being the first article which was written in 2005. These articles are written on a number of different themes for the purpose of enlightening and enlarging the theme of Man and Woman Balance as a metaphysical construct. — 424 pages © 2009


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Complete Excerpt (continued):

Holding Center When “I Don’t Know What to Do!”

You can’t vote the order of the universe. Do you get that? It is from the eternal order of Man and Woman Balance that we hold center in life. The center is that procreant moment of eternal love. Eternal because the equal but opposite two are dividing and uniting together, creating their own birth-life-death-birth…forever. The balance (love) lies in our understanding that right now each one of us is in perfect balance with our equal and opposite other half. I call this other half one’s eternal companion and the two together the 1st pair. So, if your dream is still “out there,” or if you are going through difficult times—even life threatening times–know that you are in perfect and eternal procreant balance with your eternal companion right now. Feel that spirit of love together even if you two are not physically together right now. When you know eternal love with your equal and opposite other half you will know what to do– love ye one another. (Page 66)

Illumination: Joy in the Soul

Our joy lies in our understanding the reality of equal and opposite, that each one of us, regardless of our circumstances, walks with our perfectly balanced sexual other half right now. I call this other half one’s eternal companion. Yes, you have your eternal companion walking with you right now. Feel that other in your heart and soul. Speak to him or her—right now. Send him or her your love. Express to him or her your joy in the giving of your love. Illumination—you two are eternal together right now. Don’t ever let your circumstances tell you otherwise. There is only “You” and “I” in this universe of our love. (Page 80)

The Spiritual Components in the Lives of Men and Women

Masculinism is an unequal polarization between man and woman. Feminism is an equal depolarization between man and woman. Man and woman balance is an equal polarization between man and woman. Today, at least in the West, we see this great shift from masculinism to feminism sweeping over everything as if feminism somehow is the answer. Just as the spiritual components of life could not be found in masculinism, nor will they be able to be found in feminism. Only in the balance can a man and a woman reach out to each other in that one moment of their procreant love. They, man and woman, (pro)creating each moment together are the only standard. (Page 91)

The (Two) Telepathic Forces of the Universe

So now we can better feel this telepathic connection between ourselves and our eternal other half. It is our eternal moment with our other half, always there, always a perfect balance, always a divine love. When you feel that moment in your heart and soul, know that you are in prayer with your eternal other half—and begin to speak your heart and soul to him or her. And now listen to the words come to you from your other half. This is the man and woman balance, the silent yet eternal communication, i.e., prayer between all man and woman pairs. Some ask how prayer is answered or how “God” answers prayer. True prayer is a procreant balance in the heart that each man and woman hold and convey to each other. This means that the man conveys his “division of the one,” i.e., security to the woman and the woman conveys her “unity of the two,” i.e., reproduction to the man. That balance (love) is the answer. “God is love.” So prayer is answered in our love for each other. The two telepathic forces of male and female can only love each other. (Pages 101 –102

Spiritual Healing Through Eternal Life

“I love you.” “I am loved by you.” These are the starting points for a man and a woman. You see, there isn’t any intermediary in life. There isn’t any Jesus who stands above or between a man and a woman. I don’t mean to single out Jesus or Christianity for criticism as Christianity has come closest to the man and woman balance I am suggesting. The metaphysical importance of Christianity is in the birth of life as in the birth of the baby Jesus. No other religion has this to my knowledge. Unfortunately this birth was through a virgin birth which mystified Jesus creating a religious hierarchy. But is that Jesus’ message? Listen to his words in Matthew 19:4-6: Have ye not read, that he which made them in the beginning made them male and female, And said, for this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. The ‘two’ shall become as ‘one’…and then as ‘two’…and then as ‘one’….Any form of intermediary leaves us with a secondary love not a primary love. It is the procreant balance that gives to us primary love, one unto another. (Page 168)

The Coming of the Procreant Holy Spirit

And in this prayer we may now know that the Holy Spirit within us is our own eternal other half. So when Jesus said: I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you, the ‘I’ in this verse is not the singular ‘I’ of Jesus or even the eternal ‘I’ of I AM That I AM. It is the procreant ‘I’. It is a man forever speaking to a woman or a woman forever speaking to a man. In John 16:22 Jesus further says, And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you. Again the ‘I’ is the ‘I’ of a man or a woman, one speaking to the other. You see, we have no other to talk to, to pray to and to be prayed to, to guide and to be guided by, to love and to be loved by, and to create life with. Two primaries, equal and opposite, male and female, man and woman—and a child is born! Let us now say no more. (Page 210)

Our Purpose Together: Bringing the Eternal Down to Earth

Neither masculinism nor feminism, in any of its forms, can bring the eternal down to earth. This is now for us (man and woman pairs) to do. It is our purpose to touch in love together and, by doing so, we, man and woman, bring the eternal down to earth. We do this by living our love in our lives. The eternal is always a procreant balance between metaphysical primaries or duals. There isn’t anything more sacred, in the light, or of eternal life than that one procreant touch between one man and one woman right now. That one touch will last forever when you know it. (Page 252)

Freedom From Depression

It is in the perfect balance of spiritual procreation that we find our answer to depression, for you see our eternal hope can only lie in our present balance, a man and a woman together. Again I say, if you are not with your other half right now then feel him or her in your heart. Pills won’t do it. Jesus or Allah or Buddha will not suffice. The government won’t save us. Porn or homosexuality will not give us meaning in life. I know it hurts. You have been hurt and you don’t know what to do. Your heart screams for love and acceptance. And I say to you that it is the procreant balance of man and woman that fills us up. Feel that togetherness—right now. It is life eternal. It is love. Only love goes deeper than the pain.
Now let us get down to a practical matter. What do you do when you have come to a point in life where you, too, utter: “My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46) I am saying this in religious terms. There are other ways it can be said. We don’t have to repeat them here. You have two choices in this moment—to live or to die, to love or to let the pain overwhelm you. Each moment in life is this moment of choice. Might not you take a moment, maybe just one moment, where you speak in spirit to your eternal other half and just whisper the words, “I love you.” Just one moment? Depression is separation from our eternal other half. But isn’t this separation an illusion? Aren’t we always connected together, man and woman, dividing and uniting—creating life forever? Let the love in. It is asking to be let into your, and my, heart right now. (Pages 284-285)

‘I’ Will Lift Up Mine Eyes

Can we now define love? Might we begin with the terms Father and Mother? Or how about Husband and Wife? Procreant balance–(the Omnific term)—and a child, son or daughter, is born. Spiritual procreation—(the Omnific term)–operating everywhere at all times, reflecting back to us the love the resides in our hearts. Two forces, male and female, equal and opposite, dividing and uniting, procreating all the love that exists right now.
”And the moment that you become love, thenceforth whatever you ask shall be yours. Whatever you expect shall be yours. Whatever you want shall be yours. For you shall thenceforth ask for, and expect, and want, only that which is in accord with the spirit of infinite (procreant) love. For you are love and love is the power that draws all things into perfectly adjusted and harmonious activity. You henceforth attract unto you the condition that accords with what you are.”
‘I’ Will Lift Up Mine Eyes. (Pages 422-423)

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